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China High-Speed Trains (Bullet Trains) in 2019

China’s high-speed rail developed rapidly over the past few years. Since 2016, China has possessed the world's most extensive high speed rail network. Famous for its convenience, safety, speediness and comfort, China high-speed railway now has been listed as China's "new four great inventions". (The other three are Alipay, shared bicycles and online shopping.)

China High-Speed Lines to Be Operated in 2019

The following lines are due to open in 2019:

Kunming – Lijiang High-Speed Railway

  • Distance: 520 kilometers (323 miles)
  • Main stops: Kunming, Chuxiong, Lijiang
  • Shortest duration: 3 hours
Lijiang Lijiang Ancient Town

After the opening of Kunming - Dali High-Speed Railway, another new high-speed railway between Dali and Lijiang in Yunnan Province is under construction. It is expected to operate in January, 2019. After that, it takes only 3 hours from Kunming to Lijiang, and only 50 minutes from Dali to Lijiang.

The normal-speed trains between Kunming and Dali take 8 to 9 hours on the way. They depart from Kunming at night and arrive at Lijiang early in the morning.

Hohhot – Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway

  • Distance: 290 kilometers (180 miles)
  • Main stops: Hohhot, Qixiaying, Zhuozi, Ulanqab, Xinghe, Huai'an, Zhangjiakou
  • Shortest duration: 2 hours

The Hohhot - Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway is expected to operated by the end of 2019. It is an important line connecting northwestern, northeastern and northern regions of China. High-speed trains on this route terminated at Hohhot East Station and Zhangjiakou South Station. The travel time will be cut from 6 hours to only 2 hours.

Datong – Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway

high-speed trains in ChinaHigh-speed trains
  • Distance: 141 kilometers (88 miles)
  • Main stops: Datong, Yanggao, Tianzhen, Zhangjiakou
  • Shortest duration: 1.5 hours

Datong - Zhangjiakou High-Speed Railway is a supporting transportation project for the 2022 Winter Olympics. This line starts from Datong in Shanxi Province in the west and reaches Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province in the east. After the regular high-speed service operates, the travel time between Beijing and Datong will be shortened from 6 hours to only an hour and 40 minutes, and Datong to Zhangjiakou is only 40 minutes.

Beijing – Shenyang High-Speed Railway

  • Distance: 698 kilometers (434 miles)
  • Main stops: Beijing, Chengde, Chaoyang, Fuxin, Jinzhou, Shenyang
  • Shortest duration: 2.5 hours

Currently, there are 48 pairs of trains running between Beijing and Shenyang, including bullet trains that travel around 5 hours on the way; and normal-speed trains which take 9 to 10 hours.

This highly anticipated new Beijing - Shenyang High-Speed Railway was opened on January 1th, 2019. By then, major cities of Hebei and Liaoning Provinces like Fushun, Panjin, Fuxin and Chengde will be added to Beijing-Shenyang 2-Hour Economic and Transportation Circles.