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Guangzhou to Hong Kong (Hung Hom Station, Kowloon) Through Trains

The Guangzhou – Hong Kong Through Train is the direct train service operating between Guangzhou East Railway Station and Hong Kong's Hung Hom Station (a.k.a. Kowloon, 九龙 Jiulong /jyo-long/). There are 12 pairs of through trains in service, and the journey time is about 2 hours.

  • Distance: 173 kilometers (107 miles)
  • Shortest duration: 1 h 53 min
  • Number of trains: 12 pairs of through trains

Tables of Train Frequency, Duration, and Price at Different Terminals

The timetables below are only for your reference. If you want up-to-date schedules, you may use the search tool at the top of this page, or use our Train Ticket Booking Service.

guangzhou east railway station Guangzhou East Station

Guangdong terminals:

  • Guangzhou East Station ("广州东站" on tickets)
  • Dongguan Station (Changping) ("东莞站(常平)" on tickets)

Hong Kong terminals

  • Hung Hom Station (Kowloon) ("红磡站(九龙)" on tickets)

guangzhou hong kong international train railway map

From Guangdong to Hong Kong

Train Schedule Duration
Depart from Guangzhou East Stop at Dongguan Arrive at Hung Hom
Z801 08:19 09:03 10:17 1:58
Z807 09:04 09:48 11:02 1:58
Z813 09:55 10:39 11:53 1:58
Z817 12:03 -- 13:56 1:53
Z809 14:04 14:48 16:02 1:58
Z815 16:14 16:58 18:12 1:58
Z803 17:33 18:17 19:31 1:58
Z819 18:20 19:04 20:18 1:58
Z811 21:32 -- 23:25 1:53
3 KTT trains with superior seat classes
Z823 (KTT) 10:37 11:21 12:33 1:56
Z825 (KTT) 15:38 16:22 17:34 1:56
Z827 (KTT) 20:30 21:14 22:26 1:56

From Hong Kong to Guangdong

Train Schedule Duration
Depart from Hung Hom Stop at Dongguan Arrive at Guangzhou East
Z812 07:25 08:37 09:24 1:59
Z820 09:24 10:36 11:23 1:59
Z804 10:52 12:04 12:51 1:59
Z808 11:32 -- 13:26 1:54
Z814 12:23 -- 14:17 1:54
Z818 14:32 15:44 16:31 1:59
Z810 16:35 17:47 18:34 1:59
Z816 18:44 19:56 20:43 1:59
Z802 20:01 21:13 22:00 1:59
3 KTT trains with superior class seats
Z824 (KTT) 08:15 09:25 10:12 1:57
Z828 (KTT) 18:00 14:21 19:57 1:57
Z826 (KTT) 13:11 19:10 15:08 1:57

Ticket Prices for Different Seat Classes:

Dongguan – Hung Hom Guangzhou East – Hung Hom
Ticket Types First Class First Class Superior Class
Adult (10+ years old) 155 HKD (20 USD) 210 HKD (27 USD) 250 HKD (32 USD)
Child (5–9 years old) 78 HKD (10 USD) 105 HKD (13 USD) 125 HKD (16 USD)

Schedules of 2 Guangdong – Hong Kong Trains with More Stops

From Guangdong to Hong Kong

Train Depart from Zhaoqing Stop at Foshan Stop at Guangzhou East Stop at Dongguan Arrive at Hung Hom
Z806 15:30 16:35 17:33 18:17 19:31

From Hong Kong to Guangdong

Train Depart from Hung Hom Stop at Dongguan Stop at Guangzhou East Stop at Foshan Arrive at Zhaoqing
Z804 10:52 12:04 12:51 13:47 14:55

Prices for Different Routes

Zhaoqing – Hung Hom Foshan – Hung Hom Guangzhou East – Hung Hom Dongguan – Hung Hom
Adult 255 HKD (33 USD) 230 HKD (29 USD) 210 HKD (27 USD) 155 HKD (20 USD)
Child 128 HKD (17 USD) 115 HKD (15 USD) 105 HKD (13 USD) 78 HKD (10 USD)
first class ticket First class tickets from Guangzhou East to Hung Hom

A Child Ticket is Half the Price of an Adult Ticket

A child ticket is half the price of an adult ticket. A child under 5 years old and accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket may travel for free, but does not occupy a seat.

Through Train Types — Double Deck or One Deck

There are two types of through trains: Kowloon – Canton Railway Through Trains, managed by Hong Kong Mass Transit Railway Corporation (KTT), and the new 25T trains, managed and operated by Guangzhou Railway Corporation. Please see a simple comparison of their main differences below.

Equipment and Service KTT New 25T Trains
Decks Double decks One deck
Seat class First class, superior class First class
Wi-Fi service Available (reasonable fee) None
Toilet Two toilets per coach: 1 Western-style, 1 Chinese-style One toilet per coach
Free drinks Watsons distilled water Purified water
Food for sale Hong Kong-style food and beverages Haagen-Dazs ice cream and box meals
Dining car No Yes
Folding dinner tables at seat First class: folding tables for 4
Superior class: folding tables for 2 or 4
One folding table per seat
Souvenirs for sale Yes No
Broadcast In English, Cantonese, and Mandarin In English and Mandarin
Digital station name board In English In Chinese characters
Electricity for customer use Charger rental Three–pin electric outlets
Accepted payment HKD, RMB, and Octopus cards HKD and RMB

Buy Train Tickets Online — the Most Convenient Way

passport and train ticketsValid ID is required when buying a ticket AND boarding a train.

Valid ID is required when buying a ticket AND boarding a train:

  • Foreign passengers: passport
  • Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan passengers: Mainland Travel Permit

You can book train tickets online easily through China Highlights Train Ticket Service using the ‘International Train from China' tab. We provide detailed and helpful English guidance, a 24/7 service, and also a ticket delivery service. You only need to complete three steps to get your train tickets.

Alternatively, you can contact your travel advisor to help you buy the train tickets, which is also very convenient.

Get to the Station Early for Exit Formalities — 50 Minutes

You need to undergo immigration formalities at the departure station so, in case of long lines, you are recommended to arrive at the departure station early.

For the Guangdong – Hong Kong route, please get to the station at least 50 minutes before the train's departure. The boarding gate will be closed 10 minutes before the train's departure time.

Your Passport and Visa Are Required

Show your passports and visas (visa-free for some countries) at Guangzhou East (or Dongguan). Foreign passport holders are required to fill out an arrival form at Hung Hom Railway Station.

Transport to Train Stations by Taxi: Cost and Time Needed

Read your tickets to make sure which train station to board at and ensure you get off at the right station!

Getting to Guangzhou East Railway Station by Taxi

Taxi Stand Cost Journey
Canton Tower 25 yuan (4 USD) 30 minutes
Guangzhou Baiyun Intl Airport 110 yuan (17 USD) 1 hour
Guangzhou Railway Station 40 yuan (6 USD) 35 minutes
Guangzhou South Railway Station 78 yuan (12 USD) 55 minutes
Guangzhou North Railway Station 130 yuan (20 USD) 1½ hours

Getting to Dongguan (Changping) Railway Station by Taxi

Dongguan city is about 1 hour and 40 minutes' drive from Guangzhou city center.

Taxi Stand Cost Journey
Dongguan City Center 120 HKD (16 USD) 1 hour
Dongguan Expo Plaza 105 HKD (13 USD) 55 minutes
Dongguan Intl Exhibition Center 115 HKD (15 USD) 59 minutes

Getting to Hung Hom Railway Station by Taxi

Taxi Stand Cost Journey
Tsim Sha Tsui 27 HKD (3 USD) 10 minutes
Avenue of Stars 30 HKD (4 USD) 14 minutes
Mong Kok 30 HKD (4 USD) 14 minutes
Hong Kong Intl Airport 250 HKD (32 USD) 35 minutes

High-Speed Train from Guangzhou to Hong Kong — Partly Operational

Currently, only the through train service is available from Guangzhou to Hong Kong. The Guangzhou – Shenzhen – Hong Kong High-Speed Railway (HSR) is scheduled to begin operations in 2017. Now, the Guangzhou to Shenzhen line is in service, and the Shenzhen to Hong Kong line is scheduled to open in 2017.

Travel Ideas for Guangzhou and Hong Kong

hong kong Hong Kong

If you are looking for travel ideas relating to Guangzhou and Hong Kong, please see our popular tours below for inspiration:

If you want to adjust the itinerary, we can tailor-make it for you. We can help you arrange your tour according to your interests and requirements.

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