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Shanghai – Hong Kong Overnight Train — Duration, Price, and Schedule

Shanghai and Hong Kong are far away from each other and you need to drive for a day and a night by car. It only takes about 3 hours by airplane, however, and costs about 1,100 yuan (164 USD) for an economy class seat. So taking an airplane is a good choice when traveling between these two cities.

But if you want to experience an overnight train running between these two cities instead of a round-trip by airplane, please read on for more information, including the train duration, numbers, price, and timetable, as well as applying for a China visa in Hong Kong.

  • Distance: 1,500 kilometers (932 miles)
  • Duration: 19 hours approx.
  • Number of trains: 1 pair of overnight normal speed trains

Shanghai – Hong Kong Train Timetable and Prices for Different Sleeper Classes

  • Shanghai Terminal: Shanghai Railway Station ("上海站" on tickets)
  • Hong Kong Terminal: Hung Hom Railway Station (Kowloon) ("红磡站 (九龙)" on tickets)

shanghai railway station and hung hom railway station

shanghai hong kong international train railway map

(Update on July 7th, 2016.)

Train Z99
Shanghai to Hong Kong
Hong Kong to Shanghai
Depart 17:45 15:15 
Arrive 13:01 +1 day 10:37 +1 day 

Price for Different Sleeper Classes:

  • Deluxe soft sleeper: two berths in a compartment
  • Soft sleeper: four berths in a compartment
  • Hard sleeper: six berths in a compartment
Deluxe Sleeper Soft Sleeper Upper Hard Sleeper Middle Hard Sleeper Lower Hard Sleeper
Adult 1,039 HKD 825 HKD 530 HKD 519 HKD 508 HKD
133.20 USD 105.80 USD 67.90 USD 66.50 USD 65.10 USD
Child 680 HKD 527 HKD 342 HKD 331 HKD 320 HKD
87.20 USD 67.60 USD 43.80 USD 42.40 USD 41 USD

Dates with 10% Discount in 2016: Jan. 1st – Feb. 1st, Feb. 8th – Feb. 12th, Feb. 23rd – Jul. 14th, Sep. 1st – Dec. 31st 

Adult 935 HKD 743 HKD 477 HKD  467 HKD  457 HKD
119.90 USD 95.30 USD 61.20 USD 59.90 USD  58.60 USD
Child 612 HKD 474 HKD 308 HKD 298 HKD  288 HKD
78.50 USD 60.80 USD 39.50 USD 38.20 USD  36.90 USD
  • A child under 5 years old and accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket may travel for free, provided that the child will not occupy a seat.

Trains Depart on Different Dates

Trains depart on odd or even days according to different months. Please see the table below for general information. 

  • Odd days: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 … 29, 31
  • Even days: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 … 28, 30

(Update on July 7th, 2016.)

Departure dates in 2016:

Departure City Train Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.


Z99 Even Odd Even Odd Odd Even Even Odd Even Even Odd Odd

Hong Kong

Z100 Odd Even Odd Even Even Odd Odd Even Odd Odd Even Even

Departure dates in 2017:

Departure City Train Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.


Z99 Even Odd Odd Even Even Odd Odd Even Odd Odd Even Even

Hong Kong

Z100 Odd Even Even Odd Odd Even Even Odd Even Even Odd Odd

Buy Train Tickets Online — the Most Convenient Way

train ticketValid ID is required when buying a ticket AND boarding a train.

Valid ID is required when buying a ticket AND boarding a train:

  • Foreign passengers: passport
  • Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan passengers: Mainland Travel Permit

You can book train tickets online easily through China Highlights Train Ticket Service using the International Train from China tab. We provide detailed and helpful English guidance, a 24/7 service, and also a ticket delivery service. You only need to complete three steps to get your train tickets.

Alternatively, you can contact your travel advisor to help you buy the train tickets, which is also very convenient.

Transport to Train Stations by Taxi: Cost and Time Needed

Read your tickets to make sure which train station to board at and ensure you get off at the right station!

Getting to Shanghai Railway Station by Taxi

Taxi Stand Cost Journey
The Oriental Pearl Tower 30 yuan (4.50 USD) 25 minutes
Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station 80 yuan (12 USD) 50 minutes
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 60 yuan (9 USD) 40 minutes
Shanghai Pudong International Airport 175 yuan (27 USD) (includes expressway toll) 1 hour

Getting to Hung Hom Railway Station by Taxi

Taxi Stand Cost Journey
Tsim Sha Tsui 27 HKD (3 USD) 10 minutes
Avenue of Stars 30 HKD (4 USD) 14 minutes
Mong Kok 30 HKD (4 USD) 14 minutes
Hong Kong International Airport 250 HKD (32 USD) 35 minutes

Do I Need a Visa?

Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China. Travelers are required to apply for China or Hong Kong visas (not required if your country is on the visa-free list to Hong Kong, or mainland China, or the cities of mainland China).

Go to Shanghai: 6 Days Visa Free for 51 Countries!

shanghaiShanghai is 6 Days Visa Free for 51 Countries.

It is good to know that Shanghai is now 144-hour (6-day) visa free for 51 countries. Shanghai Train Station is one of the available ports. So if you are taking a train from Hong Kong to Shanghai, with an onward ticket leaving for a third country/area, you are not required to have a China visa.

See more information on How to Transit Through China for 144 Hours Without a Visa.

If your country is not on the 144-hour visa free list, see our helpful tips below on how to apply for a China visa in Hong Kong.

You are always recommended to apply for a China visa from the Chinese embassy in your home country.

If you really need to do it in Hong Kong, you can apply for it at:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China in the Hong Kong SAR
  • Address: 42 Kennedy Road, Central, Hong Kong

Or you can find a local travel agent to help you apply for it.

See How to Apply for a China Visa.

hong kongHong Kong is 7–180 Days Visa Free for 155 Countries.

Go to Hong Kong: 7–180 Days Visa Free for 155 Countries!

See how to apply for a Hong Kong visa (with a list of Hong Kong visa-free countries).

You can apply for a Hong Kong visa from the nearest Chinese embassy or consulate. As an alternative, you may also submit your visa application directly to the HKSAR Immigration Department either by post or through a local sponsor.

FAQ About Shanghai – Hong Kong Trains

1. Is it necessary to go through an immigration check when we take a Shanghai to Hong Kong Through Train?

Yes. Shanghai to Hong Kong trains have ceased to call at Dongguan Railway Station since the immigration control and custom check was established at Shanghai Railway Station; therefore, passengers can process the entry and exit procedures at Shanghai Railway Station.

Once passengers get on the train, it means that they have left mainland China for Hong Kong; therefore, they are not allowed to get on or off the train along the way.

2. What is the Shanghai – Hong Kong Through Train type, and what are the differences in the various seats?

Only the 25T train type (one deck) is available for Shanghai – Hong Kong trains. The seats are divided into deluxe soft sleepers, soft sleepers, and hard sleepers, each of which is different in service and price. The hard sleepers are also divided into lower, middle, and upper sleepers.

3. Is there a high-speed train from Shanghai to Hong Kong?

No. Up to now, no direct high-speed train is available from Shanghai to Hong Kong. Passengers have two alternatives to transfer to Hong Kong by high-speed train via Guangzhou East Railway Station or Shenzhen North Railway Station.

Transfer at Guangzhou East Railway Station:

First of all, passengers take a G train from Shanghai Hongqiao to Guangzhou South. Then transfer from Guangzhou South to Guangzhou East by metro (about 45 minutes) or taxi (about 1½ hours depending on the traffic situation). Finally, passengers take the Guangzhou – Hong Kong Through Train (12 trains in service daily, the duration for each is within 2 hours) at Guangzhou East to Hung Hom (Kowloon) in Hong Kong.

Transfer at Shenzhen North Railway Station:

Passengers can also take a high-speed train to Shenzhen North Railway Station from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station first, and then enter Hong Kong via Shenzhens checkpoints. See the Shenzhen to Hong Kong Transportation Guide.

Travel Ideas for Shanghai and Hong Kong

hong kongHong Kong Victoria Peak

If you are looking for travel ideas relating to Shanghai and Hong Kong, please see our popular tours below for inspiration:

If you want to adjust the itinerary, we can tailor-make it for you. We can help you arrange your tour according to your interests and requirements.

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