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Shanghai – Hong Kong Train

The Shanghai – Hong Kong overnight train is the train service operating every second day from Shanghai Railway Station to Hung Hom Station (aka Kowloon, 九龙 Jiulong) in Hong Kong via Guangzhou East Railway Station.

From September 23th, 2018, a new high-speed train connecting Shanghai and Hong Kong will be put into service. The travel time between those two cities will be shortened to 8 hours!

  • Distance: 1,991 kilometers (1,237 miles)
  • Duration: high-speed train - 8 hours and 18 minutes; overnight train - 19 hours
  • Number of trains: one pair of high-speed trains and one pair of overnight trains

shanghai hong kong international train railway map

Hong Kong - Shanghai High-Speed Train

The new high-speed trains connecting Guangzhou – Shenzhen – Hong Kong with national railway networks including Beijing – Shanghai – Guangzhou will be operational on September 23th, 2018.

At that time, the journey time between Shanghai and Hong Kong will reduce to 8 hours.

Hong Kong - Shanghai High-Speed Train Schedule

(Updated on September 14th, 2018)

Shanghai Hongqiao Station “上海虹桥” to West Kowloon Station "西九龙"
Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Travel Day
Shanghai Hongqao
14:10 1
Hangzhou East 14:58 15:01
Jinhua 15:45 15:47
Shangrao 16:30 16:34
Nanchang West 17:30 17:35
Changsha South 18:55 18:58
Shaoguan 20:33 20:35
Guangzhou South 21:32 21:37
Shenzhen North 22:06 22:09
West Kowloon 22:28

Shanghai to Hong Kong High-Speed Train Schedule

(Updated on September 14th, 2018)

West Kowloon Station "西九龙" to Shanghai Hongqiao Station “上海虹桥”
Station Name Arrival Time Departure Time Travel Day
West Kowloon
11:10 1
Shenzhen North 11:29 11:32
Guangzhou South 12:01 12:05
Shaoguan 12:56 12:58
Changsha South 14:36 14:41
Nanchang West 16:00 16:04
Shangrao 17:00 17:02
Jinhua 17:47 17:49
Hangzhou East 18:35 18:39
Shanghai Hongqiao 19:27

Seat Classes and Prices

Ticket Types Business Class First Class Second Class
Adult ticket US$462 (CNY3137.5) US$243 (CNY1646.5) US$149 (CNY1008)
Child ticket US$231 (CNY1567) US$122 (CNY823) US$75 (CNY504)

Children's Tickets

  • Children below 1.2 m (3.9 feet) in height can travel for free, but without their own seat. A child ticket is needed if a seat is required.
  • Children under 1.5 m (4.9 feet) in height are eligible for children’s tickets.
  • Children above 1.5 m (4.9 feet) tall need to buy adult tickets at the full fare.
  • The child’s ticket price is half that of an adult ticket.

Hong Kong - Shanghai Non-Bullet Train

Trains depart on odd or even days according to different months. Please see the table below for general information.

Departure dates in 2018: (update on September 14th, 2018)

Departure City Train Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May Jun. Jul. Aug. Sep. Oct. Nov. Dec.
Shanghai Z99 Odd Even Even Odd Odd Even Even Odd Even Even Odd Odd
Hong Kong Z100 Even Odd Odd Even Even Odd Odd Even Odd Odd Even Even

Hong Kong - Shanghai Non-Bullet Train Schedule

The timetables below are only for your reference. If you want up-to-date schedules, you may use the search tool at the top of this page, or use our Train Ticket Booking Service.

(Updated on September 14th, 2018)

Train Z99
Shanghai to Hong Kong
Hong Kong to Shanghai
Depart 17:45 15:15 
Arrive 13:01 (next day)
10:37 (next day)

Seat Classes and Prices

Ticket Types Superior Soft Sleeper
Soft Sleeper
Hard Sleeper
Adult ticket US$117 (CNY795) US$92 (CNY626) US$56 (CNY384)
Child ticket US$88 (CNY596) US$69 (CNY469) US$42 (CNY288)
sleeper types on the train

Children's Tickets

  • 5–9 years old: enjoy child fare, which is about 75% of an adult fare
  • Under 5 years old: one adult can only take one child of this age for free providing the child does not take a seat.
  • 10 years old and above: pay full price as adults

Two Things You Need to Know

Hung Hom  stationTo check the identity card in Hung Hom station

1. Common Information

  • Hong Kong tickets need to be issued by our local train ticket outlet partners in Guangzhou and Hong Kong due to the different railway system from that of mainland China. We will deliver your paper tickets to the appointed address at the appointed time.
  • For foreign passengers, color copies or images of passports are required to issue your tickets.
  • For Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan passengers, color copies or images of Mainland Travel Permits are the only valid ID to issue tickets.
  • Passengers will need to undergo immigration formalities before the train's departure time. The entrance for the Hong Kong train is about 50 meters to the right of the main entrance, marked "Immigration Inspection (出入境联检大厅)".
  • The boarding gate will be closed 15 minutes before the train departs. So we recommend you arrive at the departure station 90 minutes before the scheduled departure time.
  • Tickets of train Z99 from Shanghai to Hong Kong can be purchased 30 days before your departure day. Tickets of train Z100 from Hong Kong to Shanghai can be purchased 60 days in advance.

2. If You Book with China Highlights

  • You need to enter the box called "International Train from China" on our train page or you won't find any results.
  • You will enjoy our detailed and helpful English guidance, 24/7 one-to-one service, and also a ticket delivery service direct to the appointed address at the appointed time.
  • Now there are only a few more steps for you to get your tickets! Click our Train Ticket Booking Service, simply choose a train, fill in the dates and passenger information on the request, and pay.

How to Go to the Train Stations

The Shanghai – Hong Kong train departs from Shanghai Railway Station and arrives at Hung Hom Station, passing through Jinhua, Zhuzhou, and Guangzhou.

To Shanghai Railway Station ("Shanghai 上海" on ticket)

Located in the central zone of the city, the station isabout 4 kilometers (2 miles) west of the Bund. It is equipped with very frequent transportation.

By bus:

  • From the north square: 106, 115, 117, 305, 306, 310, 817, 823, 912, 929, 942, or the Xinchuan line
  • From the bus terminal of the station: 328, 573, 955, or the Shenfang line
  • From the south square: 95, 104, 109, 113, 301, 302, 308, 315, 322, 324, 328, 329, 837, 927, 930, 941, the Shenfang line, or Tunnel line 3

By subway: The entrance to the subway terminal at Shanghai Railway Station is just to the east side of the taxi terminal on the south square.

Subway Station Subway Line Duration Cost
Shanghai Hongqiao Station Line 1 & Line 10 1 hour USD0.8 (RMB6)
Shanghai South Station Line 1 30 minutes USD0.7 (RMB5)

Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Line 1 & Line 2 1 hour USD0.8 (RMB6)
Shanghai Pudong Airport Line 1 & Line 2 1 hour USD0.9 (RMB6)
By taxi:
Taxi Stand Cost Journey
The Oriental Pearl Tower 30 yuan (4.50 USD) 25 minutes
Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station 80 yuan (12 USD) 50 minutes
Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport 60 yuan (9 USD) 40 minutes
Shanghai Pudong International Airport 175 yuan (27 USD) (includes expressway toll) 1 hour

To Hung Hom Railway Station ("Hung Hom " on ticket)

Located in Yau Tsim Mong District (Chinese: 油尖旺區), it is presently Hong Kong's only station with trains going to the mainland including Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai.

1,500 feet (500 meters) northeast of the Hong Kong Science Museum and the Hong Kong Museum of History; 800 yards (730 meters) east of Nathan Road.

By bus:

  • Bus: 5C, 8, 8A, 11K, 11X, 21, 81C, 87D, 260A, 260X
  • Intercity Bus: A21/E21X
  • Minibus: 6, 6A, 8, 26, 26X
  • Airport Express Shuttle Bus: K1


Subway Station Subway Line Duration
Tsim Sha Tsui West Rail Line 1 (1stop) 5 minutes to East Tsun Sha Tsui
Disneyland Resort West Line (4stops) -Tung Chung Line(3stops) - Disneyland Resort Line 35 minutes

Shenzhen North Railway Station

East Line (11stops)-Walk to Futian checkpoint - Line 4(10stops) 50 minutes
Hong Kong Airport West Line (4stops) - Tung Chung Line(3stops) - Airport Express 40 minutes

By taxi:

Taxi Stand Cost Journey
Tsim Sha Tsui 27 HKD (3 USD) 10 minutes
Avenue of Stars 30 HKD (4 USD) 14 minutes
Mong Kok 30 HKD (4 USD) 14 minutes
Hong Kong International Airport 250 HKD (32 USD) 35 minutes

shanghai railway station and hung hom railway station

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