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Shanghai to Xian Train/Xian to Shanghai Train

Sadly, there are yet no bullet trains on this route. Xian is 1,509 kilometers or about 930 miles from Shanghai, and the fastest Z train requires about 14 hours to cover the distance.

Which trains to take

A Z train (Z 92/Z93) is recommended because it runs faster and is more comfortable. Z-series trains are direct trains that usually only have beds, and they make no intermediary stops or fewer stops. T trains are also a good way to travel. They provide about the same level of comfort as a Z-series train, but they take longer. The K trains are very popular among the local population. Though tickets are cheaper, they are crowded and are much slower, so we don’t recommend them. See classification of trains in China.

See Shanghai/Xian train schedule

All trains to Xian use the Shanghai Station.