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 China Visa Costs

China Visa Costs

Written by Candice SongUpdated Mar. 3, 2021

Chinese visas acquired through Chinese embassies/consulates or CVAS (China Visa Application Service) Centers will always have varying costs, depending on the country, number of entries given (and duration of each entry), and type of service chosen (regular, express, rush, or post).

Some countries will be assigned a flat fee for all visa types and services, while others will have significant differences for each.

Keep in mind that all country-specific visa fees are relevant to your nationality (passport), and not to the country you are applying in. For example, an Australian citizen applying for a Chinese visa in a third country, will pay the fees relevant to Australian passport holders (but may also be subject to the local service fees of the third-country).

Visa agencies and other companies assisting with visa-acquisition will obviously charge additional fees, which typically range from 100–600 RMB (about $15–70 USD).

How Much to Pay?

As there is no one cost for Chinese visas, the surest way to know the fee relative to your country, is to visit the official Chinese Consulate or CVAS website of your country.

For convenience, below is a list of some popular countries and their respective costs for single or double entry visas [in 2019]. Note that these prices may again fluctuate depending on the specific city/location you apply from, and the type of service.

Country 1 Entry 2 Entries
Australia AUD 109.5 AUD 139.5
Brazil BRL 460 BRL 460
Canada CAD 142 CAD 142
France EUR 126  EUR 126
Germany EUR 125.45 EUR 125.45
India INR 5,552 INR 7,502
Ireland EUR 40 EUR 60
Italy EUR 127.1 EUR 127.1
Japan JPY 8,000 JPY 10,000
Netherlands EUR 126.55 EUR 126.55
New Zealand NZD 140 NZD 210
Mexico MXN 730 MXN 1,090
Poland PLN 220 PLN 220
Russia SUR 3,300 SUR 6,600
Singapore SGD 85 SGD 95
Spain EUR 126.55 EUR 126.55
UK GBP 151 GBP 151
U.S. USD 140 USD 140 

China Visa-Fee Exemption

Citizens of the following countries do not need to pay any fees for acquiring any type of Chinese visa:

  • Albania
  • Bosnia
  • Bulgaria
  • Maldives
  • Micronesia
  • Pakistan
  • Slovakia
  • Republic of Montenegro

When to Pay?

In most countries, visa payments are done on the date of collection, after the visa has been processed, as the total cost cannot truly be determined until the final visa has been issued, specifying the number of entries provided. In a few places, however, payments may be requested on the day of application (especially in countries that have a flat fee for all visa types).

How to Pay?

Different countries (and different consulates within them) will have different options available, with anything from cash to credit/debit cards (usually only Visa/Mastercard), or cheques.

It is important to check in advance what the available payment options are. To be on the safe side, cash payments are the one method that will usually be allowed in most places, so to minimize potential problems, carry enough cash just in case.

Some countries that offer mail/post application submissions, will usually request an official online payment form to be filled out on the official China Consular or CVAS website of the respective country.

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