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Why to Choose a Private Tour for Family Travel in China

China is a huge country and there are many things for kids to discover. The beautiful scenery makes it a great destination for family fun. But it's quite a challenge for non-Chinese speakers to travel independently in China. Read on to see why you are advised to choose a private tour for a family trip in China.

1. Flexible Schedule — Your Own Pace

tourist family at the Longji Rice Terraces Customers at the Longji Terraced Fields, Guilin

When travelling with kids, you will want more flexibility. Your kids might not want to get up so early, or they may want to go back to the hotel early. They may find they are not so interested in the temples and want to leave early.

Private tours are flexible and you can adjust the schedule spontaneously, even during a visit. You can decide when to start the tour and when to go back to your hotel. Just follow your own family’s pace.

In addition, private tours will generally avoid big tourist groups. Instead, you can visit the essential sites when they are less-crowded.

2. Go Deeper into the Real China

Beijing opera facial makeup craft workshopApply your own Beijing opera facial makeup to a mask.

Kids are curious about new things. When travelling in China, they will find many things are different from at home. Sometimes you will not be able to answer their questions.

In a private tour with a private guide, your kids’ questions will be well answered. Unlike group tours, in which the typical tourist simply eats, shoots (takes photos) and leaves, you will have a private tour guide exclusively serving your family. You can delve deeper into the true beauty of China. And your kids will also learn something of China's culture, history, and architecture.

3. Order Your Favorite Dishes

McDonalds in China

For foreigners, eating in China is really a challenge if they don't speak Chinese. Your private guide will help you understand the menus and maybe help describe the ingredients.

If you have any allergies, a private tour is the best choice for you. Chinese chefs are inclined to add many ingredients. You may unexpectedly end up with some allergic reaction. Your private tour guide will help make sure the chef doesn't add anything that might cause your allergies to flare up.

Who knows, you (never mind your kids) might not get used to certain new types of food. If you prefer to have Western food, possibly including fast food like KFC, McDonalds, or Starbucks, your private guide can also advise and take you there.

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4. You'll Be Well-Looked-After by Private Guides

China Highlights tour guide and customer's childOur tour guides take good care of customers' children.

If your kids are too young to take care of themselves, you will need to carry things with you, in case the kids need to change clothes, drink water, eat snacks, or cuddle their teddy bears. You might even be worried about kids being lost among the many tourists.

With a private guide, you have one more person to help take care of your kids. During a tour, you can leave your big bag in the private car and just bring necessities.

Your private guide can also suggest more child-friendly, fun things to do during your trip. You can take more time to enjoy your trip with your kids, instead of being worried about the logistics.

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5. Hand-Picked Family Hotels

China hotel with swimming poolA hotel with a swimming pool and excellent riverside location.

Sleeping well, especially during a long trip, ensures a good trip.

It's often hard to find a suitable hotel for families. You want one with a swimming pool and inter-connecting rooms, a good location, with Western breakfast, etc. When you search on the internet trying to choose one from another, it will drive you crazy.

With a private tour, your travel advisor has already helped you pick the hotels that best suit your family. You can just mention your preferences to your advisor, and leave the hassle to him or her.

6. Private Comfortable Vehicles

child in child car seat

A private vehicle is very convenient for family trips.

You can set your own departure times. You will be picked up punctually and won't need to wait to collect other tourists.

Road journeys can be boring and the kids might be uncomfortable sitting tight for long periods. A private vehicle allows you to stop for breaks.

If you need a baby chair in the car, just tell your travel advisor in advance, and she/he will help you prepare one.

Things You Should Know Before Your Family Trip

Tourist child and Chinese childSome simple Chinese will help your kids make friends with local kids.

Here are some things you and your kids should know before your trip to China.

1. Your kids will also need visas to China, so remember to apply for their visas as well.

2. Some Chinese people may want to take photos of your kids, because foreign kids are such a novelty.

3. Tap water is not drinkable, but bottled water is readily available in China.

4. Some simple Chinese greetings, such as nihao (hello) and xiexie (thank you) will give you a good opportunities to communicate a little with local people. Learn more about the 10 Essential Phrases for Travelling in China.

5. If you and your kids want to swim in your hotel, bring swimming caps (or buy them here where the selection and fit may not be so good), because you are usually not allowed to swim without them in China.

Enjoy Hassle-Free Family Travel with Us

family travel at the Longji Rice Terraces Enjoy a happy family tour with us.

If you are planning a family trip to China, we at China Highlights are ready to help. Just tell us your interests and requirements, and we will create your own tailor-made family tour

You can have a look at our suggested family tour itineraries for inspiration:

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