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Turpan Attractions

Turpan attractions consist of desert scenery, including the third lowest point on the earth’s surface near Ayding Lake, and sites related to the ancient architecture and life of the mostly Muslim people there. The Jiaohe Ruin and Gaochang Ruins, along with the Karez Irrigation System provide insights into the ingenuity of ancient desert life.

Turpan is famous for its grapes and raisins, so Grape Valley should be visited. There are also the Thousand Buddha Caves marking the route of Buddhism’s entry to China along the Silk Road.

Most Popular Turpan Attractions

Karez Well

Karez Well System model The Karez Well System is an important ancient irrigation system that is still used in Turpan, Xinjiang, in Northwest China. (Karez is the Uyghur word for 'well', from the Persian fo..

Jiaohe Ruin

The Jiaohe Ruins are what's left of the world's 'largest, oldest, and best-preserved city of raw-earth buildings'. This big ancient city was dug out from Turpan's yellow desert siltstone. Most tourists think ..

Gaochang Ruins

Features Biggest ancient ruined city in Xinjiang. It’s one of the important spots in a tour of the interesting and beautiful area around Turpan. Like the ancient city of Jiaohe to the west..

Emin Minaret

Feature Old brick tower dating to 1778; almost as old as the United States! About 43 meters or 142 feet tall and 10 meters or 33 feet wide. It is quite beautiful, and is one of the few ancie..

Tuyoq Village and Tuyugou Canyon

Feature Small Uighur valley with an array of historic sites spanning 3,000 years and lots of vineyards all within a day’s tour. Situated in the Turpan Depression that is the second or third..

Astana Tombs

Feature There is a big graveyard of mainly Chinese tombs and Chinese shrines that date from about the middle of the 200s to the late 700s. The big graveyard holds about 1,000 tombs that are constr..

Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves

Feature Ancient religious caves and shrines dating from about the year 400 to the year 1,300. The art depicts people of various races and cultures living and doing things together. The art makes t..

Grape Valley

Feature Recreation, shopping, food and Uighur music and dance entertainment in a fruit growing valley. About 220 hectares of grapes and 200 hectares of other fruits like apricots, pears, and peach..

The Flaming Mountain

Feature Odd geological feature north of Turpan. It's a red sandstone ridge about 500 meters high (1,600 feet) that stretches for about 100 kilometers or 63 miles. One of the hottest places i..

Maza Village

Maza village at the south side of the Tuyugou Grand Canyon is a small Muslim community inhabiting around one hundred families. The village retains many Muslim features with Islamic green-topped mosques t..

The Ayding Lake

South of the city in the Turpan basin is the dry Lake Ayding (艾丁湖). The dry lakebed is about 155 meters or 508 feet below sea level. This makes it the world’s second or third lowest point after the De..