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Urumqi Muslim Restaurants

Tianshan District

1. Korgan

Near the biggest bazaar of the world, the restaurant, which boasts convenient transportation, mainly serves different kinds of typical Muslim food. Besides its fresh and tasty food, the environment of the restaurant is also impressive. The blue ceiling, sandy walls, trees and the fountain inside it conjure up the image of a small city in a desert for you.

  • Chinese name: Ku Er Gan 库尔感
  • Recommended dishes: grenadine (石榴汁), yogurt (酸奶), mutton kebab (烤羊肉串), Xinjiang rice (手抓饭), and a grilled bun (烤包子)
  • Average price per person: 52 yuan
  • Address: 489 South Heping Road, Tianshan District (天山区和平南路489号)
  • Tel: 0991-8558811
  • Bus routes: 61, 70, 104, 301, 308, 310, 920 or 923, get off at South Heping Road (和平南路)

2. Miraj

Run by a boss who came back from Turkey, the restaurant severs halal food in both a Xinjiang style and a Turkish style. Moreover, the restaurant pays close attention to its own decoration. The golden stone walls, paintings on the walls, wooden stairs and lamps in different shapes combine the characteristics of Chinese architecture with those of the West.

  • Chinese name: Mi La Ji 米拉吉
  • Recommended dishes: grilled bun (烤包子), grenadine (石榴汁), Xinjiang rice (手抓饭), boiled porridge with soybeans (皇帝粥), and stirred noodles in soy sauce (拌面)
  • Average price per person: 85 yuan
  • Address: 31 Lane, 2 Shengli Road, Tianshan District (胜利路2巷31号)
  • Tel: 0991-2878999
  • Bus routes: 39, then get off at Water World (水上乐园)

Shuimogou District

Xiao Ga Zi

As a brand of the Sumptuous Hot Pot Group, the restaurant has won several prizes in authorized cooking games. Nine of the most delicious dishes are known as ‘Must-Have Food’ and their names are hung on the wall. Besides its dishes, the reasonable prices, the clean environment and the considerate service also contribute to its runaway success.

  • Chinese name: Xiao Ga Zi 小尕子
  • Recommended dishes: boiled chicken with Sichuan pepper (椒麻鸡), lamb chops (羊排), yogurt (酸奶), stewed tofu with fried peanuts (豆腐碗), and roasted mutton chops (烤羊排)
  • Average price per person: 41 yuan
  • Address: Intersection of secondary phase Nanhu Anju, Shuimogou District (水磨沟区南湖安居二期路口)
  • Tel: 0991-4644777
  • Bus routes: 63, then get off at Nanhu Community (南湖小区)