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Urumqi Weather in November

heavenly lake Heavenly Lake has boat cruises and pastoral scenery.

Weather: November in Urumqi is around freezing and quite dry. The winter freeze begins around the middle of the month. The wintry weather keeps most tourists away.

The average daily high is 2°C (36°F), and the average low is -7°C (19°F). There is 19 mm (2/3 inch) of rain/snow that falls lightly on about 7 days of the month.

Clothing: All hotels and restaurants in Urumqi have central heating. Dress in layers, with a thick coat, long winter underwear, and gloves and hat, if you venture out.

Pollution: The Air Quality Index has been recorded as 114 in November, so it is only a "lightly polluted" month. If you have a sensitivity to pollution, you should reduce your exposure and outdoor activity in the city.

Things to Do in Urumqi in November

Snow and ice sets in on the mountain roads in November, though it may not be deep enough for winter sports at the ski resorts until December. There are some great mountain attractions around Urumqi, with clean air, fine mountain views, and Kazakh culture. See more on Urumqi Weather in January.

Do Some Local Shopping in the Bazaar and Market

With the winter smog just beginning in November, less strenuous activity is recommended in the city. Why not explore the local markets?...

Urumqi Grand Bazaar Urumqi Grand Bazaar

The Urumqi Grand Bazaar is a great place to buy souvenirs in the Uyghur ethnic district. It has products like dried fruit from all over Xinjiang.

Erdaoqiao Market offers the largest array of Xinjiang minority goods anywhere, ranging from local dried fruits to Hetian jade, rare antiques, ethnic clothes, bronze wares, and musical instruments.

Explore the History of China's Northwest in Urumqi's Museums

To escape the wintry weather you may prefer to see the city's top three museums, showcasing the Silk Road, ancient mummies, and geological wonders. See Urumqi Weather in February.

Appreciate a Local Muslim Festival

A traditional festival for Muslims called Eid al-Adha (古尔邦节) occurs on November 28. Muslims in Urumqi go shopping to celebrate the festival, and you'll get a better understanding of Muslim culture during this time. 

Touring Urumqi in November

Urumqi city night sceneUrumqi, the largest city in Western China, has lots of mosques and Muslim architecture.

There are fewer tourists in Urumqi in November, making travel more affordable this time of the year.

Low Travel Season

There will be hardly any tourist crowds, low prices for Urumqi flights or train tickets, and hotel room prices are cheaper. We can help you arrange these, not to mention expert local guides for your China journey of discovery.

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