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Longsheng Terraced Field Hiking

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Longji’s scenic terraced fields cover a large area. Ping’an village, Dazhai village, Xiaozhai village and the ancient Zhuang village are the most popular. Our hiking trip is from Ping’an village to Jinkeng (Dazhai and Xiaozhai) which takes about 5 hours. Ping'an village is about 800 m (2,600 feet) above sea level and it is an ideal place to see the famous Longji Terraced Fields. In the village we can see a famous landmark, Seven Stars Around the Moon, which is called viewpoint No. 2. We continue to hike from viewpoint No. 2 to viewpoint No. 1 where we see the terraced fields which resemble a dragon’s scales. Our one-day hiking trip is from Ping’an village to Dazhai village, and we will hike through Zhonglu village and Tiantou village. These villages are good places to see the terraced fields where they are less touristy. These five hours of hiking will be unforgettable. The natural and man-made beauty is impressive. The hiking route is well known to hikers.

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