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2022 Winter Olympics Sports and Schedule: Best Days to Attend

2022 Winter Olympics Sports and Schedule: Best Days to Attend

Written by Sunny XieUpdated Jan. 18, 2022

The next Winter Games, known as the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, will kick off in Beijing and its co-host city Zhangjiakou in February. A total of 109 events in 15 disciplines of 7 sports are due to be staged in three competition zones or clusters during the Games.

Scroll down to find out the schedule and events details for the Beijing Winter Games.

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Winter Sports for the next Winter OlympicsWinter Sports

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Schedule (Version 12)

The 109 medal events will be hosted in three competition clusters: the Beijing Cluster for all the ice events and two snow sports (snowboarding and freestyle skiing); the Yanqing Cluster for the alpine skiing, bobsleigh, and luge competitions; and the Zhangjiakou Cluster for all the other snow competitions. See more on Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Venues >>>

The preliminary competitions of curling, figure skating, and ice hockey will begin prior to the official start of the Games. 

Here's the schedule (Version 12) for the Winter Games, which is still subject to change till the final version is released. We will keep you updated.

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Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games Schedule (Version 12)
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Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Events

A total of 109 medal events, including 7 new events will be contested in 15 disciplines of 7 sports. Among them, there are 50 events for men, 46 events for women, 11 events for mixed teams, and 2 open events. An open event allows athletes of both genders to participate against each other.

1. Curling

Curling, also known as "ice chess", is a strategic game in which players slide curling stones onto an ice target.

There are 3 Olympic events: 1 for men, 1 for women, and 1 for mixed doubles. 

Curling for Beijing 2022 Winter GamesCurling

2. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey, a combination of skating and hockey, is a sport in which players of two teams try to hit the puck into the opponent's goal.

There are 2 Olympic events: 1 for men and 1 for women.

Ice Hockey for Beijing 2022 Winter OlympicsIce Hockey

3. Skating

The skating events cover three disciplines: Speed Skating, Figure Skating, and Short Track Speed Skating.

Speed Skating

Speed Skating, also known as "long-distance ice track athletics", is an ice sport that combines speed, skills, and tactics.

A total of 14 events, 7 for men and 7 for women, will be staged during the Winter Games of 2022.

Men's Speed Skating: 7 events

  • Men's 500m
  • Men's 1,000m
  • Men's 1,500m
  • Men's 5,000m
  • Men's 10,000m
  • Men's Team Pursuit
  • Men's Mass Start

Women's Speed Skating: 7 events

  • Women's 500m
  • Women's 1,000m
  • Women's 1,500m
  • Women's 3,000m
  • Women's 5,000m
  • Women's Team Pursuit
  • Women's Mass Start
Speed Skating for 2022 Winter OlympicsSpeed Skating

Figure Skating

Figure Skating, also known as "Ice Ballet", features beautiful music, graceful movements, and powerful strength.

There are 5 events in total, including 1 for men, 1 for women, and 3 for mixed teams.

Men's Figure Skating: 1 event

  • Men's Singles Figure Skating

Women's Figure Skating: 1 event

  • Women's Singles Figure Skating

Mixed Figure Skating: 3 events

  • Pair Skating
  • Ice Dance
  • Team Event
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Short Track Speed Skating

Short Track Speed Skating, similar to Speed Skating, is known as "short-distance ice track athletics ".

A total of 9 events — 4 for men, 4 for women, and 1 for mixed teams — will be staged during Beijing 2022.

Men's Short Track Speed Skating: 4 events

  • Men's 500m
  • Men's 1,000m
  • Men's 1,500m
  • Men's 5,000m Relay

Women's Short Track Speed Skating: 4 events

  • Women's 500m
  • Women's 1,000m
  • Women's 1,500m
  • Women's 3,000m Relay

Mixed Short Track Speed Skating: 1 event

  • Mixed Team Relay
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4. Skiing

The sport of skiing has six Olympic disciplines in 2022: Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country Skiing, Freestyle Skiing, Nordic Combined, Ski Jumping, and Snowboard.

Alpine Skiing

Alpine Skiing, also known as the "jewel in the crown of the Winter Olympic", is a snow sport that requires tremendous coordinated efforts and turning technique so as to adapt to steep slopes and varied terrains.

A total of 11 events — 5 for men, 5 for women, and 1 mixed team event — are set to take place during the next Olympic Games.  

Men's Alpine Skiing: 5 events

  • Men's Downhill
  • Men's Super-G
  • Men's Giant Slalom
  • Men's Slalom
  • Men's Alpine Combined

Women's Alpine Skiing: 5 events

  • Women's Downhill
  • Women's Super-G
  • Women's Giant Slalom
  • Women's Slalom
  • Women's Alpine Combined

Mixed Alpine Skiing: 1 event

  • Mixed Team Parallel
Alpine SkiingAlpine Skiing

Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-Country Skiing, also known as the "Snow Marathon", is a sport where skiers move across snow-covered terrain, using skip equipment and basic techniques such as diagonal striding, double poling, half-herringbone steps, turning, and skating.

A total of 12 events, 6 for men and 6 for women, are contested during the Games.

Men's Cross-Country Skiing: 6 events

  • Men's 15km + 15km Skiathlon
  • Men's Sprint Free
  • Men's Team Sprint Classic
  • Men's 4 × 10km Relay
  • Men's 15km Classic
  • Men's 50km Mass Start Free

Women's Cross-Country Skiing: 6 events

  • Women's 7.5km + 7.5km Skiathlon
  • Women's Sprint Free
  • Women's Team Sprint Classic
  • Women's 4 × 5km Relay
  • Women's 10km Classic
  • Women's 30km Mass Start Free
Cross-Country SkiingCross-Country Skiing

Freestyle Skiing

Freestyle Skiing, also known as "Snow Acrobatics", is a winter sport in which skiers freely slide down a slope and perform skiing skills in the air or on the snow.

A total of 13 events — 6 for men, 6 for women, and 1 mixed team event — are to be staged in the Winter Games.

Men's Freestyle Skiing: 6 events

  • Men's Aerials
  • Men's Moguls
  • Men's Ski Cross
  • Men's Freeski Halfpipe
  • Men's Freeski Slopestyle
  • Men's Freeski Big Air

Men's Freestyle Skiing: 6 events

  • Women's Aerials
  • Women's Moguls
  • Women's Ski Cross
  • Women's Freeski Halfpipe
  • Women's Freeski Slopestyle
  • Women's Freeski Big Air

Mixed Freestyle Skiing: 1 event

  • Mixed Team Aerials
Shougang Big Air for Freestyle SkiingShougang Big Air for Freestyle Skiing

Ski Jumping

Ski Jumping, also known as the "snow glider" event, is a sport where skiers slide down from a jumping platform and jump into the air for a certain distance. It is a sport that combines speed, power, and demanding technical elements, making it challenging and fun to watch.

A total of 5 events — 3 for men, 1 for women, and 1 mixed team event — are planned for the Winter Games.

Men's Ski Jumping: 3 events

  • Men's Normal Hill Individual
  • Men's Large Hill Individual
  • Men's Team

Men's Ski Jumping: 3 events

Women's Normal Hill Individual

Mixed Ski Jumping: 1 event

  • Mixed Team
Ski JumpingSki Jumping

Nordic Combined

Nordic Combined, also known as "Nordic Almighty", is comprised of ski jumping and cross-country skiing and is the only winter sport for men only in the Winter Olympics. 

There are 3 events held during the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.

  • Individual Gundersen Normal Hill / 10km
  • Individual Gundersen Large Hill / 10km
  • Team Gundersen Large Hill / 4x5km
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Snowboarding, also known as "snow surfing", is a sport in which skiers use a single board to slide down a slope in various postures.

There are 11 events — 5 for men, 5 for women, and 1 mixed event — set for Beijing 2022.

Men's Snowboard: 5 events

  • Men's Parallel Giant Slalom
  • Men's Snowboard Cross
  • Men's Snowboard Halfpipe
  • Men's Snowboard Slopestyle
  • Men's Snowboard Big Air

Women's Snowboard: 5 events

  • Women's Parallel Giant Slalom
  • Women's Snowboard Cross
  • Women's Snowboard Halfpipe
  • Women's Snowboard Slopestyle
  • Women's Snowboard Big Air

Mixed Snowboard: 1 event

  • Mixed Team Snowboard Cross
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5. Biathlon

Biathlon, also known as "wars on snow", is a sport combining cross-country skiing and rifle marksmanship. The athletes use skis, ski poles, and a small-bore rifle for the competition, and the individual/team that takes the least time to complete the course wins.

A total of 11 events — 5 for men, 5 for women, and 1 mixed team event — are to be staged for Beijing 2022.

Men's Biathlon: 5 events

  • Men's 10km Sprint
  • Men's 20km Individual
  • Men's 12.5km Pursuit
  • Men's 15km Mass Start
  • Men's 4 ×7.5km Relay

Women's Biathlon: 5 events

  • Women's 7.5km Sprint
  • Women's 15km Individual
  • Women's 10km Pursuit
  • Women's 12.5km Mass Start
  • Women's 4×6km Relay

Mixed Biathlon: 1 event

  • Mixed Relay 4×6km

6. Bobsleigh

The bobsleighing sport has 2 Olympic disciplines: Bobsleigh and Skeleton.


Bobsleigh, also known as "Formula 1 on ice", is a speed race that takes place on a U-profiled ice track with steep curves, requiring athletes' explosive strength, great balance, and precise control.

A total of 4 events, 1 for men, 2 for women, and 1  open event, will be contested during the Winter Games.

Men's Bobsleigh: 2 events

  • 2–man

Women's Bobsleigh: 2 events

  • Women's Monobob
  • 2–woman

Open Bobsleigh: 1 event

  • 4–man


Skeleton, also known as "Sledding on Ice", is a sport in which athletes ride a sled down a curved ice track, steering the sled with body movements.

There are 2 events in total: Men's Skeleton and Women's Skeleton.

National Sliding Centre for Bobsleigh and LugeNational Sliding Centre for Bobsleigh and Luge

7. Luge

Luge, a sport in which athletes lie on the sled on their back, requires strong will, agility, explosive power, and great body coordination to control the sled and to ensure speed and stability.

A total of 4 events — 1 for men, 1 for women, 1 for mixed teams, and 1 open event — are to be staged during the Winter Games.

Men's Luge: 1 event

  • Men's Singles

Women's Luge: 1 event

  • Women's Singles

Mixed Luge: 1 event

  • Team Relay

Open Luge: 1 event

  • Doubles
luge for Beijing 2022Luge
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The Best Days to Attend the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

It is hard to say when the best days to attend the games are, but you may consider the following days to make the most of your Beijing 2022 Winter Games experience and to enjoy the speed and passion of the Winter Games.

February 4: It is the day of the opening ceremony with an awesome atmosphere to kick off this world-class event. You can enjoy the splendid fireworks displays. The opening ceremony will once again take place at the National Stadium (Bird's Nest) in Beijing, in which the opening ceremony of the 2008 Summer Olympics was staged.

February 8: A total of 10 medal events in 10 disciplines are to take place on this day. If you wish to attend many different events during your short stay, this is the day to choose.

February 20: Both the exhibition gala for figure skating and the closing ceremony will be undertaken on the final day of Beijing 2022. The most anticipated event, the Men's Gold Medal Ice Hockey game is also to take place on this day.

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Ceremony at the Bird's NestCeremony at the Bird's Nest

Interesting Events at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

The Most Anticipated Events of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics

  • The Opening Ceremony
  • Men's Ice Hockey
  • Figure Skating (especially pairs)
  • Speed Skating

Newly Added Events for Beijing 2022

If you are familiar with the Winter Games and would like to experience something new, do not miss these events.

Discipline Newly Added Event
Bobsleigh Women's Monobob
Short Track Speed Skating Team Relay
Ski Jumping Mixed Team
Freestyle Skiing Men's Big Air
Women's Big Air
Aerials Mixed Team
Snowboard Snowboard Cross Mixed Team
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