Hubei Provincial Museum

Hubei Provincial Museum

By Kelly PangUpdated Sep. 13, 2021
 Hubei Provincial Museum

It is a fantastic place that is still relatively unknown to foreign tourists. The museum display includes a 2000 year old coffin, which is still in good condition. All the items in display were unearthed from one king's tomb dating back to Spring and Autumn Periods more than 2,500 years ago.

The museum contains artifacts that are national treasures and hundreds of historically important pieces.


Chu Music

The ancient Chu music performance is the highlight. Chu, an ancient, strong kingdom ruling over today's Wuhan and Hubei area was famous for its music. Many of China's classic pieces have been evolved from the ancient Chu music.

Chu Kingdom Artifacts

There are other artifacts from all over Hubei Province, so it is a good place to learn about Chinese history. You can learn much about the ancient civilizations along the Yangtze River. You'll appreciate the antiquity and the artistic beauty of many of the pieces.

Reproductions of bronze bells that were used as musical instruments are played. Perhaps the main national treasure is a set of chime bells that are 2,400 years old that includes a piece that is said to be the heaviest musical instrument in the world. Adjacent to the museum is a concert hall where chime bell concerts are performed on a replica of the ancient one.

Three Sections

The museum is divided into three parts: the Chime Bells Hall, the Chu State Hall, and the Comprehensive Museum Hall.


The Chime Bells

Travel Essentials

Unlike many museums in China, there are informative English signs for tourists. You could shop for antiques and souvenirs too.

You could also shop for antiques and souvenirs and walk along the paths along the nearby East Lake.

  • Transport: Bus 14, 108, 402, 411, 701, 709

The museum contains artifacts that are national treasures and hundreds of historically important pieces.

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