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Wuhan is China's most central city and the capital of Hubei Province. It has an urban population of 7.9 million. Wuhan is a famous historical and cultural city, a major financial center, and one of the largest cities in China. However in 2020, Wuhan maps typically show Wuhan as the city most affected by coronavirus. 

Here we offer the latest China travel information (updated on July 2nd 2020).

1. Most areas of China are conditionally open and can be visited such as:

You can learn more destinations that can be visited on this page: Is China Safe to Visit? - 2020 Traveler Safety Information

2. Non-open destinations in China include:

  • Tibet
  • parts of Xinjiang
  • Beijing/Harbin (areas with a moderate or high epidemic risk)
  • Ganzi and Aba Autonomous Prefectures

3. The restrictions for foreign travelers normally include:

  • Visitors must have entered China more than 3 months ago
  • Visitors are required to show a green local health code (found in different mini-programs in WeChat).
  • Visitors are required to provide documentation of their movements over the past 14 days.
  • Visitors are required to show their passport and recent entry stamps.

4. Matters needing attention when traveling:

  • Some indoor attractions remain closed
  • some hotels have not yet opened or are not allowed to receive foreigners.
  • A requirement to make an appointment or purchase tickets in advance
  • A daily limit on the number of people permitted to enter
  • A requirement for each person to wear a mask during the visit
  • Some routes at outdoor attractions are only partially opened.

5. Tips for your 2020 Trip in China

  • Pay attention to the epidemic situation of your location and destination.
  • Choose services that can be changed or canceled at any time.
  • Be prepared to make changes to your itinerary and travel plans.

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Wuhan's Location in China

wuhan location map

Hubei Province Map

Hubei is located in Central China and covers an area of 185,900 square kilometers. Hubei is rich in water resources and is known as the "Province of a Thousand Lakes". Its Three Gorges Dam is the largest water conservancy project in the world.

This map shows the locations of Hubei's main prefecture-level cities, and provincial capital Wuhan.

hubei province map