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 Wuhan Muslim Rstaurants

Wuhan Muslim Rstaurants

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jul. 19, 2023

Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant/She'er Yibu Barbecue Restaurant

Xinjiang Muslim Restaurant is also called She'er Yibu Barbecue Restaurant, famous for the delicious barbecued meat, considerate service, and elegant environment, in a convenient location.

There are various kinds of real, delicious Muslim dishes of high quality: Spicy kebabs and lamb dishes are the signature dishes and crispy pancake and meat parcels are also quite popular.

  • Chinese name: 新疆穆斯林餐厅 Xinjiang Muslim Canting or舍尔伊布烧烤店 She Er Yi Bu Shaokao Dian
  • Recommended dishes: Braised chicken with potato and green pepper (大盘鸡), boiled lamb chops (手抓羊排), fried squid tentacles (铁板鱿鱼须), crispy pancake and meat parcels (馕包肉), and spicy kebabs (烤羊肉串).
  • Average price per person: 50 yuan
  • Address: Wu Shang Ce Road, Hankou, Jianghan District (120 meters along the road between Shi Mao Da Sha and Wuhan Square) (江汉区汉口武商侧路 (世贸武广间小路内120米))
  • Tel: 027-85418286
  • Transportation: Take bus 519 and get off at the crossing of Jiefang Avenue and Wansong Yuan Road (万松园路解放大道口).

Wuhan Dong Lai Shun Muslim Restaurant

The boss of the restaurant is from Xinjiang province of China; therefore the food, especially the spicy kebabs, are delicious and popular. The ingredients are high quality, and prices are reasonable.

The environment and atmosphere in the restaurant has become even more comfortable after renovation. It is suitable for meeting friends for dinner or having a leisurely rest after tiring day of shopping or walking.

  • Chinese name: 武汉东来顺清真餐厅 Wuhan Dong Lai Shun Qingzhen Muslim Canting or 偏爱茶餐厅 Pian'ai Tea Canting (name after renovation)
  • Recommended dishes: Spicy kebabs (烤羊肉串), Indonesian fried rice (印尼炒饭), and Japanese Omi-rice (日式包饭).
  • Average price per person: 30 yuan
  • Address: Floor 3, Muslim Building, 716 Hankou Zhongshan Avenue, Jianghan District (江汉区汉口中山大道716号清真大楼3楼)
  • Tel: 027-85663270, 027-85654104
  • Transportation: Option 1. Take bus 24, 45,108, 207, 588, 707, 711, 727, or 801, or electric bus 1, 2, or 7, and get off at Zhongshan Road Liudu Bridge (中山大道六渡桥). Walk about 58 meters. Option 2. Take bus 7, 9, 207, 212, 503, 507, 523, 527, 533, 546, 563, 581, 595, 603, or 721, and get off at the Sanmin Crossing of Minzu Road (民族路三民路口). Walk for about 174 meters.

Chang Lai Shun Muslim Restaurant

The whole roast lamb (烤全羊) here is delicious. After being roasted, it is cut by the waiter and then served to the guests. The whole roast lamb is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside without any greasiness. Book this dish in advance, because it is in limited supply.

All the food materials are fresh, the prices quite reasonable and service is considerate.

  • Chinese name: 清真常来顺饭庄 (Qingzhen Chang Lai Shun Fan Zhuang)
  • Recommended dishes: Whole roast lamb (烤全羊), cold fish pot (冷锅鱼), boiled sliced mutton (涮羊肉), and spicy kebabs (烤羊肉串).
  • Average price per person: 100 yuan
  • Address: 5 Aolin Garden Shangwang, Dongfeng Road, Dunkou Development Area, Hanyang District (opposite to Golden Harbor) (汉阳区沌口开发区东风大道奥林花园商网5号 (金色港湾对面))
  • Tel: 027-84792626
  • Transportation: Take bus 202, 204, 205, 208, 579, 596, or 597, and then get off at Dongfeng Road Golden Harbor station (东风大道金色港湾).

Peking Eastern House (Zhongbei Road Branch)

Established in 1903, Peking Eastern House is a Muslim restaurant with a long history. It is famous both at home and abroad and there are more than 130 branches spread all over the country. Besides, it has also expanded to America, Japan, Canada, and other countries, which lays a great foundation for becoming an international brand.

The food here has unique national characteristics, especially the mutton hot pot is well known. More than 200 delicious Muslim dishes have been developed using boiling, frying, sautéing, and roasting.

The mutton hot pot is real Beijing style, using the traditional cloisonné bronze pot and clear soup base. Once the mutton and vegetables have been boiled, they are eaten with sesame paste, which makes the dish taste even better.

  • Chinese name: 北京东来顺火锅店 Beijing Dong Lai Shun Huo Guo Dian
  • Recommended dishes: Boiled mutton (涮羊肉), spicy kebabs (烤羊肉串), and sweet garlic (糖蒜).
  • Average price per person: 100 yuan
  • Address: 190 Wuchang Zhong Bei Road, Wuchang District (near to Yin Yuan Da Xia) 武昌区武昌中北路190号(近银苑大厦)
  • Tel: 027-86793623
  • Transportation: Take bus 530, 537, 540, 566, 577, 581, or 583, and get off at Zhong Bei Road Che Jia Ling Station (中北路车家岭).

Other Peking Eastern House branches:

Donghu branch (北京东来顺东湖店)

  • Address: 1 Guanshan Te Road, Wuchang, Hongshan District (diagonally opposite to Forest Park) (洪山区武昌关山三路特1号 (森林公园斜对面))
  • Tel: 027-87567978
  • Transportation: Take bus 18, 25, 513, 518, 702, or 703, and get off at Luo Yu Dong Road Forest Park station (珞喻东路森林公园).
  • Xiongchu Street branch (北京东来顺雄楚大街店)
  • Address:689 Xiongchu Street, Hongshan District (near to Rui An Spring Hotel) 洪山区雄楚大街689号 (近瑞安春天大酒店)
  • Tel: 027-87193355
  • Transportation: Take bus 529, 538, 581, 586, 590, 715, 723, or 738, and get off at Xiongchu Avenue Guanxi Xiao Qu station (雄楚大道关西小区).

Qunguang branch (北京东来顺群光店)

  • Address: Floor 7, Qunguang Square, 6 Luo Yu Road, Hongshan District (洪山区珞瑜路6号群光广场7楼 )
  • Tel: 027-87873787
  • Transportation: Take bus 536, 552, 572, 583, 593, 618, 703, or 907, and get off at Luo Yu Road Guang Fu Dun station (珞喻路广埠屯).
  • Jianghan Road branch(北京东来顺江汉店)
  • Address: Floor 2 half, New World Fashion Square, 118 Pedestrian Street, Jianghan Road, Jianghan District, Wuhan (江汉区江汉路步行街118号新世界时尚广场2楼夹层)
  • Tel: 027-82750577
  • Transportation:Take bus 1, 38, 45, 402, 520, 533, 548, or 559, and get off at Zhongshan Avenue Jianghan Road station (中山大道江汉路).

Qing Nian Road branch (北京东来顺青年路店)

  • Address:Floor 1, Yuan Chen Guo Ji Building, 82 Qingnian Road, Jianghan District (江汉区青年路82号元辰国际1楼)
  • Transportation: Take bus 291, 411, 509, 719, or 807, and get off at Qingnian Road Garden Avenue station (青年路花园道).

Dun Kou Wan Da branch (北京东来顺沌口万达店)

  • Address: Floor 2, Jing Kai Wan Da Square, 111 Dongfeng Avenue, Hanyang District (near to the stadium) (汉阳区东风大道111号经开万达广场2楼 (近体育场))
  • Transportation: Take bus 205 and get off at Triangular Lake station(三角湖), or take bus 204, 213, 501, or 647, and get off at North Gate Prince Lake Sports Center station (太子湖路体育中心北门).
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