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 Wuhan Western Restaurants

Wuhan Western Restaurants

Written by Kelly PangUpdated Jul. 19, 2023

La Chanson

The decor is this restaurant is simple and luxurious. You will feel comfortable in this restaurant under the quiet and fresh atmosphere. Furthermore, service is considerate and professional.

The French food in this restaurant is authentic. The main dishes, such as the steaks, are delicious and liked by many customers. Desserts of this restaurant are also popular. Among which the tiramisu is one of the most popular dishes. Drinks, such as coffee and other wines, also sell well.

  • Chinese name: 香颂
  • Average price per person: 137 yuan
  • Open: 11am - 10pm
  • Tel: 027-81880097
  • Address: Floor 5, K11, 628 Jiefang Avenue, Jianghan District(江汉区解放大道628号K11新食艺5楼)
  • Buses: 2, 10, 38, 42, 79, 208, 291, 505, 519, 523, 526, 536, 542, 546, 549, 550, 802, 806, or Dian 3 to Jiefang Avenue Hangkong Road (解放大道航空路站).


The major color of this restaurant is white, which feels warm and pure. The exquisite cookies and cakes in the show window are delicious and pretty.

Some dishes in this restaurant are on sale in the afternoon. It is romantic to sit on the open air balcony enjoying the sunshine and the tempting drinks on a sunny afternoon.

  • Chinese name: 伊莉维尔烘焙餐厅
  • Average price per person: 37 yuan
  • Open: 10am - 11pm
  • Tel: 027-82735199
  • Address: Building 12, Area 3, Wuhan Heaven and Earth, 68 Lugouqiao Road, Jiang'an District (江岸区芦沟桥路68号武汉天地3期12号楼)
  • Buses: 30, 212, 402, 516, 520, 526, 548, 588, 601, 606, 707, 721, or 727 to Huangpu Road (黄浦路站).

Lotus Houseat Wuhan International Square (国广店)

There are many choices for the types of dishes in this restaurant, such as Chinese food, Western food, and Southeast Asian food. The curry-pickle shrimps and roasted sweet potatoes have won a good reputation from customers. Served with rich soups, the rice tastes especially good.

The environment in this restaurant is comfortable and relaxing and the service is high-quality. The combinations of foods available in this restaurant can be fantastic and interesting.

  • Chinese name: 荷花亭融合餐厅
  • Average price per person: 55 yuan
  • Open: 9:30am - 9:30pm
  • Tel: 027-81889777
  • Address: Floor 7, Wuhan International Square, 690 Jiefang Avenue, Jianghan District(江汉区解放大道690号武汉国际广场7楼)
  • Buses: 1, 2 , Electric Bus 3, 42, 64 Inner Ring, 291, 303, 305, 505, 508, 519, 522, 524, 548, 549, 575, 703, 705, 706, 712, 716, 721, 726, 802 to Zhongshan Park (中山公园站).

Bernstein's Restaurant Lounge at Wuhan Heaven and Earth (武汉天地店)

You may fall in love with the Chinese traditional design style in this fashionable restaurant, with rattan chairs, dark red cushions, and other decorations combined in a harmonious way. Couples can have a romantic time there.

The authentic Italian food looks exquisite. The Ceasar salad is fresh and crispy, as is the liquor stewed seafood. Among the desserts the chocolate cup is the specialty, which tastes smooth and cool served with fresh fruits. Set meals are popular.

  • Chinese name: 琥珀餐厅
  • Average price per person: 124 yuan
  • Open: 10am - 12am
  • Tel: 027-82777222
  • Address: Building 2-2, Area 1, Wuhan Heaven and Earth, 1616 Zhongshan Avenue, Jiang'an District(江岸区中山大道1616号武汉天地1期2-2号楼)
  • Buses: 30, 60, 212, 402, 516, 520, 526, 548, 588, 601, 707, 721, or 727 to Qingyong Street (清永街站).
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