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Weather in February

First Bridge Over the YangtzeFirst Bridge Over the Yangtze River

Weather: February has freezing temperatures and snow. It is the second coldest month of the year. The average nightly low temperature is 2 °C (36 °F), and the average daily high temperature is 10 °C (50 °F). It feels cold at night due to the high humidity of 76% and the wind. Compounding the cold is the lack of heating in many public places.

There might be snow or ice on the ground. The monthly precipitation totals 59 mm, and snow or rain falls on about 10 days of the month.

Pollution: The Quality of Air Index is 123. It is lightly polluted, and much less polluted than January. If you have problems with asthma or heart disease, it might be better to go after March and before November. Check the Wuhan weather forecast>>

Clothing: Dress in layers with a good coat and a hat. It is important to have good shoes with good traction for ice and snow.

Things to Do in Wuhan in February

Enjoy the Local Snacks, Fine Dining, and Shopping

Wuhan Street SnacksWuhan street snacks

Enjoy the food: When it feels cold, you can do what the locals do: eat a lot of hot food for the calories and drink a lot of hot drinks to keep warm. Wuhan is known for street food such as Re Gan Mian ("rrrr gan me-en, hot dry noodles) that is noodles with spicy peanut sauce.

Enjoy fine dining at the restaurants: When it is cold, you can stay inside and eat Chinese! Wuhan has good restaurants serving Hubei cuisine, and good, inexpensive Western restaurants. The Old Hankou Restaurant and the Taizi Restaurant in Hankou both feature local cuisine.

Visit the East Lake Plum Blossom Festival

East Lake Park: In February, plum blossoms make for attractive scenery at this big park. The park contains 200 kinds of plum trees, so you can see different colors of flowers. The park has a flower painting and calligraphy exhibition and plum flower photography exhibition during the festival.

Hubei Provincial Museum: The park is Wuhan's most popular foreign tourist attraction, and one of the highlights is this big museum. It is stocked with interesting ancient artefacts and displays about Hubei and its history of thousands of years. You will appreciate the ancient art, the metal pieces, and the beautiful ceramics.

Chinese New Year

Enjoy the Chinese New Year: About 2 out of 3 years, the Spring Festival public holidays fall in early February. Many workers have a week off, though many Chinese and companies take more time off.

People enjoy family reunions, feasting in the restaurants, on the streets, and at home, and fireworks. You could see the cultural activities, and watch the fireworks explode all around at midnight if the pollution conditions and the government permit.

Touring Wuhan in February

High Travel Season

Wuhan Provincial MuseumAn exhibit in the Hubei Provincial Museum

February is usually a high travel season because the Spring Festival holidays are usually in February. Trains and flights are fully booked. It is the time of the heaviest travel annually. Heavy travel lasts about 9 days after the first of their year.

But when it isn't the Spring Festival, expect tourism and travel to be low and lower prices for Wuhan flights and train tickets. Hotel rooms are also cheaper. A new travel highlight is the fast Shenzhen-Changsha-Wuhan-Beijing Bullet train that reduces travel time to only a few hours. Let us help you arrange accommodations, transportation, a private vehicle, and driver.

Closed shops: Shops to close for several days starting from the evening of Chinese New Year's eve.

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