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Weather in November

WuhanYangtze River in Wuhan

Weather: Wuhan gets cold at night in November, but it is often sunny and pleasant during the day. The average nightly low temperature is 8 °C (46 °F), and the average daily high temperature is 17 °C (63 °F). The humidity is 76%.

The dry season begins in November, and the rain that falls is usually gentle or moderate. Thunderstorms are rare in November. There is only 52 mm of rain, and the rain falls on 8 days of the month. The sky is usually clear or partly cloudy.

Pollution: The Air Quality Index is 106 or lightly polluted. Check the local weather forecast>>

Clothing: Wear a coat to stay warm. Most buildings are not heated, so you might need to wear it inside.

Things to Do in Wuhan in November

See China's Top Commercial Vehicles Show

China has the world's biggest motor vehicle industry (twice that of the US), and Wuhan is one of the China's biggest motor vehicle production cities. Businessmen and engineers come in from all over the world to attend. It follows the Wuhan Motor Show in October. Let us help you plan a visit to a Wuhan tour with your trade show visit.

  • Date: November 12-15, 2015
  • Place: Wuhan International Expo Center. 33 Yingwu Avenue in Hanyang. (汉阳区武汉国际会展中心)

Enjoy Fall in East Lake Park

East Lake shorelineEast Lake Park

East Lake Park: For an outdoor excursion, this huge park near central Wuhan is a good place. There are 88 square kilometers of woods, hills, gardens, and winding paths as well as a huge lake.

Discover the Chu Kingdom (221+ BC)

The Hubei Provincial Museum is one of China's best museums for foreign tourists, on the shore of East Lake. It is Wuhan's foreign tourist highlight for the antiquity and beauty of the thousands of artifacts, ancient music performances, and good English signs.

Touring Wuhan in November

Low Travel Season

November is in the low travel season. The attractions are less crowded. Good discounts on hotel rooms and Wuhan flights are available, and train tickets (including Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen bullet services) are readily available. Let us help you book.

Recommended Wuhan Tours

Yangtze CruiseA Yangtze cruise through the Three Gorges

Wuhan Tours: You can modify these tours to Wuhan to include the rest of China or a Yangtze cruise. Design your own trip>>

Yangtze River cruise: The fall is comfortable weather for a cruise ship tour on the Yangtze to see this vast river. Many cruise ships stop at Wuhan.

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