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Ancient Bajiao City


  • Ancient Bajiao City has a history of over 900 years.
  • The houses and the city wall are well preserved.


Ancient Bajiao City is recommended by many tourists who have been to Xiahe. Some local Tibetans still live a simple life in the city. The women do most of the work, and the men sit in the sunlight playing cards. The houses in the city are the same shape, and you will also see antiques on roofs and in houses.
The city wall has a long history. It was built layer by layer from the earth and stones. It is difficult to believe that the wall has stood for 1,900 years.
There are grass fields beside Ancient Bajiao City. Walking through the fields and experiencing the peace and quiet of the city gives you the feeling that you went through time and are back in the old days in China.


The city was built 1,900 years ago. Historically a very important military site, it was repaired during the Ming Dynasty.


There are no public buses to Ancient Bajiao City. It takes one hour to go from Xiahe to the city by private car. China Highlights can arrange a half-day trip for you to the city while on your Silk Road tour. Please ask your travel advisor for more information. Need a travel advisor?


  • The entrance fee to visit the city is CNY20 (US$3) per person.
  • Please do not try to climb the city wall without guidance. Some parts of the wall are steep and you can easy fall down. The height of the city wall is between 6 and 13 meters.