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Shuzhuang Garden

shuzhuang gardenShuzhuang Garden

The beautiful gardens and breathtaking views of the hills and sea make Shuzhuang Garden on Gulang Island, Xiamen, the perfect destination for enjoying the outdoors and appreciating the natural beauty of China. The garden is complete with hills, ocean views, fresh water pools, waterfalls, and a walkway beside the sea cliffs.

  • Chinese: 菽庄花园Shūzhuāng Huāyuán /shoo-jwung hwaa-ywen/ 'Bean Village Garden'
  • Must sees: The Piano Museum
  • Time needed: 1-2 hours

What's Special About Shuzhuang

Throughout the garden three unique gardening techniques are used—hiding elements, borrowing from the surroundings, and combing movements. The combination of these three gardening techniques creates a spectacular effect that many be described as a feeling of "infinite space."

Nature-lovers will enjoy the beautiful views, children will love exploring the natural playground in the Twelve Caves Paradise, photographers will admire the endless photo opportunities, music lovers will be amazed at the extensive collection of instruments, and those looking for a slower pace will enjoy the serenity of the gardens.

Best Times for a Visit

Although Shuzhuang Garden is breathtaking all-year long, it is often crowded. To avoid crowds, plan your visit mid-week and avoid public holidays. There will also be fewer visitors during the winter.

Must Sees in the Garden

shuzhuang garden scenery Garden of Hiding the Sea

There are ten different themes in the garden, divided into two separate garden areas, Canghai (藏海, 'Hiding the Sea') and Bushan (补山, 'Adding Hills'). Each theme includes awe-inspiring views. The Piano Museum is also a part of the garden and includes an impressive collection of vintage pianos from around the world.

Canghai — Garden of Hiding the Sea

Canghai Garden primarily uses the "hiding elements" technique. Although this garden is right next to the seaside, a wall hides the view from most of it. This area includes five key architectural features: Longevity Hall, Zhenshuai Pavilion, Autumn Pavilion, Zhaoling Pavilion, and Forty-four Bridge — the highlight of the Garden of Hiding the Sea, and the best place in Shuzhuang Garden to enjoy the seascape.

Bushan — Garden of Adding Hills

shuzhuang garden sceneryGarden of Adding Hills

Bushan Garden mainly uses the "borrowing from the surroundings" technique. It is also composed of five key areas: Twelve Cave Paradise, Hard Stone House, Tide Viewing Tower, Love My Own House, and Orchard Pavilion.

Twelve Cave Paradise is made up of 12 interconnected caves that has been transformed into a children's playground. Expect lots of little voices raised in excitement in this part of the garden.

Hard Stone House was once the study room of the owner.

Tide Viewing Tower is a beautiful place to listen to the tides roll in.

The Piano Museum

The Piano Museum is home to an impressive collection of antique pianos from around the world. There are more than 30 world-renowned clavichords in the collection acquired by Hu Youyi (胡友义, a famous Australian pianist who born in Gulangyu).

Among the pianos are a 19th century Steinway, and Bechstein, Bosendorfer, and Fazioli pianos. There is also the Royal Piano of the German Royal Family, the largest upright piano, and the earliest quadrilateral piano. It is said that there are more pianos per capita on the island than in any other place in the world.

The love of classical music and piano was a tradition that the natives decided to keep, and the island's Piano Museum features an amazing collection of historic, 19th century period pianos.


Shuzhuang Garden is also known as the Lin Family Mansion and Garden, this serene spot was once the private home of a Taiwanese businessman, Lin Erjia (林尔嘉). Lin built the home as a tribute to his childhood home, Banqiao Villa, in Taiwan. In the 1950's it was donated to the state government and turned into a luxurious tourist attraction.

Travel Essentials

Transport from Xiamen City to Gulangyu Island

The ferry departs every 20–30 minutes and takes about 8 minutes.

Piers Departs Yuan
Xiagu–Neicuo'ao (厦鼓码头–内厝澳码头) Winter: 7:20–17:20 Summer: 7:20–18:20 50
Xiagu–Sanqiutian (厦鼓码头–三丘田码头) Winter: 7:10–17:30 Summer: 7:10–18:30 35
Songyu–Neicuo'ao (嵩屿码头–内厝澳码头) Winter: 7:30–17:50 Summer: 7:30–18:50  30
Lundu–Sanqiutian (night cruise) (轮渡码头–三丘田码头) Winter: 17:50–23:45 Summer: 18:50–23:45 35

Accessing Shuzhuang Garden

  • Location: 7 Gangzaihou Road, Gulangyu, near Sunlight Rock bathing beach 
  • While there are no vehicles or bicycles allowed on the island, a select few electric golf carts carry visitors in a circuit around the island's coast line.
  • Distance from piers: 1.7 km southeast from Neicuo'ao Pier, 1.5 km south of Sanqiutian Pier, about 20-30 minutes' walk
  • Open: 7:30am – 5:30pm
  • Ticket: 30 yuan

Tour Shuzhuang Garden with China Highlights

shuzhuang garden tour

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