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Zhangzhou Zhuchu Puppet Art Gallery

One of a Kind

The Xiamen Zhangzhou Zhuchu Puppet Art Gallery is an art gallery unlike any other. Its contents will enthrall not only appreciators of fine and unique art, but history buffs, opera lovers, and tourists of all ages and backgrounds. Its contents have been called “a treasure of Eastern art” and a “live cultural relic.”

A Master Craftsman

This gallery features the works of famed puppet maker Xu Zhuchu. It celebrates a legacy generations long and over 600 puppets strong. Visitors can also admire Zhuchu’s impressive personal collection of ancient puppets.

1,000 Years of History

The gallery’s seeds were planted during the Ming Dynasty in a tiny workshop. The Zhuchu famlly built a family business through hard work and intense craftsmanship. Their carved head puppets would amuse, fascinate, and sometimes even terrify spectators.

Xu Zhuchu carries the family legacy into the modern world. He honors the meaning – “bamboo shoot” -- of his given name, reaching new artistic heights and fulfilling the “glorious prospect” prophecy of his family. His achievements are symbolized and forever appreciated in the Xiamen Zhangzhou Zhuchu Puppet Art Gallery.

Famed Exhibits and Memorable Souvenirs

Zhuchu’s creations are no ordinary puppets. The master infuses each carving with vivid, often exaggerated facial features, festive costumes, and Chinese folk art influences. Many puppets have become bona fide movie and opera stars, often indistinguishable from their human co-stars in their strong character. Others have gained immortality in museums around the world.

The Xiamen Zhangzhou Zhuchu Puppet Art Gallery offers an array of gifts for newly anointed puppet lovers as well. Children can discover interesting playmates with the gallery’s puppet toy selection. Beautiful embroideries will make a nice home conversation piece. Inspired individuals can even purchase some wood carving tools.

Tourist’s Paradise

Visitors to China’s southeastern coast should carve out a few hours for the Xiamen Zhangzhou Zhuchu Puppet Art Gallery. It has secured a prime spot in the cultural mecca of Zhangzhou Fujian. The gallery is located at 4/F Garden Building on North Yanan Road, and it typically opens around 9am. For contact information and more details, you can visit the gallery’s website at www.zzzcpag.com.

The well-populated area of Fujian is friendly to visitors (with numerous transportation options) and the gallery itself can be enjoyed year-round. Nearby attractions include the eco-friendly Water Garden Expo Park in Xiamen , the historical Fuijian Tulou dwellings, and a trio of spiritual landmark temples (the Kaiyuan Temple, the Guanghua Temple, and the Yongquan Temple).