8 Recommended Vegetarian Restaurants in Xiamen

8 Recommended Vegetarian Restaurants in Xiamen

By Fercility JiangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

1. Xinsu Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurants in Xiamen

It is a very tasteful restaurant with a quiet and elegant environment. The overall layout has an antique style. The dishes are cooked delicately. The waiters and waitresses are very considerate and friendly. The dish known as the “Buddha vegetarian roll”, in which the fresh vegetables are wrapped in crispy dry seaweed, is highly praised by the customers. This dish is so delicious that it is strongly recommended on the internet by the customers. The dishes mainly have a lighter taste.

Chinese name: 心素食坊 Xinsu Shifang

Recommended dishes: Buddha vegetarian roll (菩提素巻), vegetarian “goose” (素鹅, mixture of dried tofu skin, mushroom and mats to take on the appearance of goose), mashed taro (芋泥), salty crispy mushrooms (盐酥香菇), lettuce roll (生菜卷, with a vegetarian mixture and bean product filling)

2. Loving Hut

Vegetarian Restaurants in Xiamen

The environment is quiet and elegant and the restaurant is decorated nicely. The most important point is that the sanitary situation is very good. The dishes are delicate, delicious and of a high quality. The restaurant is near to Xiamen University where you can experience the local university culture. It is very suitable for friends to meet, for dating and for family parties.

Chinese name: 爱家素食 Aijia Sushi

Recommended dishes: spinach “pork steak” rice (漫波排饭, bean products with a meat taste), vegetarian “meat” floss (素肉松, dry bean curd skin with a meat taste), braised “beef” noodles (红烧牛肉面, bean products made into a beef-like dish), specially made barbecue “pork” (秘制叉烧, braised tofu with a meat taste)

3. Dafang Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurants in Xiamen

It has been 17 years since its establishment in Xiamen. The vegetarian meat-like dishes show us China’s cooking culture. It is near to the South Putuo Temple where you can experience the Buddhist culture. The environment is simple and plain; very suitable for a vegetarian style restaurant. The types of dishes are abundant; they are vivid and taste smooth without being too greasy. The prices are quite reasonable - suitable for blue-and-white collar workers.

Chinese name: 大方素食 Dafang Sushi

Recommended dishes: mashed taro (芋泥), sizzling “steak” (铁板牛排, bean products with a beef taste), fried sweet and sour “chicken tenderloin” (糖醋里脊, bean curd and flour made with a chicken taste), vegetarian “pork ribs” (素排骨, lotus roots with a pork rib taste), Dongpo “pork” (东坡肉, fried white radish with an egg paste), fried green pepper with a bean mixture filling (虎皮尖椒)

4. Renpin Wuse Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurants in Xiamen

It is an economical vegetarian cafeteria. The prices are quite reasonable, exclusively serving the public. The ingredients are natural vegetables and bean products. The sanitary condition is standard. The environment is quiet which can help you get away from the noisy city and go back to nature. It will surely be an enjoyable experience. The boss is very enthusiastic.

Chinese name: 仁品伍色素食店 Renpin Wuse Sushi Dian

Recommended dishes: “the vinegar slips away potato silk” (醋溜土豆丝), black rice gruel (黑米粥), fried balsam (炒苦瓜), fried dry bean curd (炒豆干), fried green beans (炒豆角), fried pumpkin (炒南瓜), fried ginkgo (炒白果), pumpkin cake (南瓜饼), cold rice noodles (凉皮)

5. Kindness and Destiny Vegetarian Restaurant Robinson Branch

Vegetarian Restaurants in Xiamen

It is a healthy vegetarian restaurant with a good environment. The decoration is simple and plain with an elegant and delicate style which gives you a warm sense. The waiters and waitresses are very enthusiastic and considerate. They can give you great suggestions about the special dishes which are quite delicious and original. There are a great many kinds of delicious dishes cooked with fresh ingredients.

Chinese name: 仁缘素食 (罗宾森店) Renyuan Sushi Luobinsen Dian

Recommended dishes: fried bean curd with crispy skin (脆皮豆腐), cordyceps red mushroom soup (虫草红菇汤, stewed fungus and various mushrooms), milk chestnut (奶香板栗), fried bamboo shoots with eight delicacies (竹荪八宝), spring roll (春卷, vegetables wrapped in a thin flour skin), Mexican thin pancake (墨西哥煎饼), fried kidney beans (四季豆), three-colors dumpling (三色水饺), crispy durian cake (榴莲酥)

6. Green Vegetarian Woods

Vegetarian Restaurants in Xiamen

It is a vegetarian cafeteria. The dishes are all cooked with fresh vegetables and other vegetarian ingredients. The prices are quite economical. The taste is special and delicious. Some meat-like dishes are very delicious and alike both in taste and appearance. With so many kinds of vegetarian dishes, you will find it to be an enjoyable experience and that is worth the price.

Chinese name: 绿素林Lǜ Su Lin

Recommended dishes: black pepper “beef” (黑椒牛肉), sweet and sour “meat” (糖醋肉, bean products with a meat taste), roasted “meat” (烧腊, mushroom and fungus wrapped in dry bean curd), cold potato-vermicelli and sliced cucumber with a sauce (凉拌粉丝), peanut soup (花生汤)

7. Kindness and Destiny Vegetarian Restaurant SM Square Branch

8. Pengcai Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurants in Xiamen

It is a Taiwan-style vegetarian restaurant. The dishes are purely vegetarian without any spices such as green onion, garlic, Chinese chives or any preservatives. Here you can have a good chance to taste various real Taiwanese foods. The seasonal ingredients are all delicately picked, natural, healthy and fresh. The dishes are very nutritious and delicious, which will be the perfect choice to maintain your health.

Chinese name: 朋采素食馆 Pengcai Sushi Guan

Recommended dishes: lightly fried Chinese bread with stuffing (水煎包), taro cake (芋头糕), glutinous fried rice (油饭), thousand-layer bread roll (千层卷), fried gluten (香炸吉筋), white jade ball (白玉珠, fried konjac ball), fragrant crispy sesame cake (芝麻香酥)

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