Epang Palace Theme Park

In Chinese history, Epang Palace was known as a palace that the First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty named Qin Shi Huangdi started to build, but construction on it stopped because he died. It is said that perhaps 700,000 slaves were used to build it, and that his son tried to complete it. The palace was said to be the biggest palace in the world and full of treasure. However, archeologists who have recently examined the site have found that whatever was there was never completed. They disbelieve the historical accounts about the Epang Palace. However, a building was constructed there in a theme park that you can visit.

About 100 years after the end of the Qin Empire, Sima Qian who was an important historian who lived during the Han Dynasty era wrote about the incredible size of the Epang Palace.In Chinese legend, it was believed that the building was burned to the ground when the Empire fell. However, archeologists have found no evidence of a big fire at the archeological site. This is raising doubts about whether the Epang Palace ever really existed as described. It was thought that archeologists would find the remains of a palace of perhaps even grander scale than the Qin Shi Huang Mausoleum, but this didn't happen.

At the new theme park, you can see a very large building built in a traditional style with towers, a big plaza, and a big flight of stairs leading up to the main building. There are statues of Qin soldiers in the plaza standing at attention.

  • Travel: The Epang Palace Theme Park is west of Xi'an in a suburb called Epang Village. Bus No. K630 goes there from the Bell Tower Bus Stop. The Bell Tower Bus Stop is in central Xi'an about 3 kilometers or 1.5 miles southwest of the Xi'an Train Station. The last buses leave the area about 7:30 or so. China Highlights can help you design a trip to visit Epang Palace and other sights in Xi'an.
  • Fee: about 30 RMB or about 4.70 USD.
  • Hours: about 9 am to 6 pm.