Xianglu Temple


Perched high on the bank of the Yellow River, Xianglu Temple is one of the best place to enjoy the magnificent view of the Yellow River.


Xianglu Temple (also named "Censer Temple") was built at the cliff bank of the Yellow River (the second-longest river in China and the cradle of Chinese civilization), northeast of Jiaxian County in north Shaanxi Province. One side of the temple is connected to the county, while the other three sides face the Yellow River.

Under the temple, there lies a huge stone pillar, which is shaped like a censer, hence the name of Xianglu Temple (Censer Temple). On top of the stone pillar, there is a Guanyin (a Bodhisattva) Hall which is connected to the cliff bank with a three-meter long crosspiece.

In the temple, there are main halls, wing halls, stone gates and stone arches. Standing at Xianglu Temple and facing the Yellow River, you can get a full and awe-inspiring view, especially at dusk, when the afterglow shines on the buildings and the Yellow River.

After seeing the temple, visitors can also visit the village nearby where you can see unique cave dwellings (traditional cave houses of Northwest China). China Highlights can arrange the tour for you. Contact us for a customized tour.


According to the historical records, Xianglu Temple was built in the Ming Dynasty (around 1614). The main building of the temple is kind of Ming Dynasty-style constructions. In spite that it is badly damaged, partial of it were well preserved. The construction style, stone carvings and calligraphy are of great art value.

Travel Essentials

Location: Xianglu Temple is located in Jiaxian County, Yulin City, the northernmost point of Shaanxi Province. Yulin City is 7 hours by bus, 10 hours by train, or one hour by flight from Xi’an (the location of Terracotta Army ).

Ticket: 10 yuan per person.

Opening hours: 8:00-16:00

Getting there: Tourists can take a bus from Yulin City to Jiaxian County, which is 20 minutes and costs 14 yuan; then walk for 15 minutes or take a taxi from the bus station to Xianglu Temple.

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