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Xi'an Flight Schedule

The following hot air ruotes for internal flights to & from Xi'an are for your reference only. You can find more Xi'an domestic flight routes, airlines, compare flight price & time by searching the schedule form above.

Domestic Flights from Xi'an

Flight No. Air Routes Departure Time Arrival Time Flight Duration
MU2113 Xian (XIY) - Beijing (PEK) 16:05 18:05 2 hours
MU2153 Xian (XIY) - Shanghai Hongqiao (SHA) 09:45 11:45 2 hours
CZ6438 Xian (XIY) - Shanghai Pudong (PVG) 10:40 12:55 2 hours 15 mins
CA1225 Xian (XIY) - Guilin (KWL) 18:20 20:05 1 hour1s 45 mins
HU7873 Xian (XIY) - Shenzhen (SZX) 18:25 21:00 2 hours 35 mins
MU5490 Xian (XIY) - Hangzhou (HGH) 10:55 12:40 1 hour 45 mins
ZH9296 Xian (XIY) - Nanjing (NKG) 15:40 17:25 1 hour 45 mins
MU2263 Xian (XIY) - Shenyang (SHE) 13:35 15:55 2 hours 20 mins
HU7784 Xian (XIY) - Xining (XNN) 11:25 12:40 1 hour 15 mins
HU7667 Xian (XIY) - Chongqing (CKG) 16:00 17:15 1 hour 15 mins
CZ6401 Xian (XIY) - Chengdu (CTU) 17:50 19:05 1 hour 15 mins
KY8214 Xian (XIY) - Kunming (KMG) 13:05 15:10 2 hours 5 mins
MF8240 Xian (XIY) - Nanchang (KHN) 19:00 20:30 1 hour 30 mins
CZ3762 Xian (XIY) - Changsha (CSX) 13:50 15:30 1 hour 40 mins
CZ6939 Xian (XIY) - Wuhan (WUH) 13:10 14:25 1 hour 15 mins

Xi’an flights connect Xi’an with many other cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guilin, Guangzhou, Sanya, Dunhuang, Lanzhou, and Taipei.

Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province, is located on the Guanzhong Plain (central Shaanxi Province, near the lower reaches of the Wei River) in central China. Xi’an is one of the four ancient capitals of China. Within it is Terracotta Army, a World Heritage Site. Xi’an Xianyan International Airport, 35 kilometers northwest of Xi’an, is the largest airport in northwest China. Find great deals on Xi’an flights in real-time from China Highlights! We provide the most comprehensive information on flight schedules, seat availability, and discount fares for Xi’an flights from our user-friendly search engine below.

Arriving in Xi’an

Xi’an Xianyang International Airport is the 8th largest international airport in China. There are bilingual signs in both Chinese and English in the airport. ATM, restaurant, shops and information kiosks are available. There is a train ticket office at Gate 3 of T 2. Long-distance buses to the cities around Xi’an are available in the airport, including Hanzhou, Yan’an, Lintong, Tongchuan, Tianshui and Baoji.

How to get around in Xi’an

Taking public buses is the most convenient and inexpensive way to tour Xi’an. You can buy an English map of Xi’an at Xi’an Xianyang Airport. Currently there is one subway line is operated in Xi’an, Line 2. It runs under Changan Street and attractions such as the Bell and Drum Tower in central Xian. You can get to the Xian Train Station and the Xian Bus Station by it.

Things to do in Xi’an

Xi’an is one of the four ancient capitals of China. Terracotta Warriors and Horses, a World Heritage Site in China, is a part of the Mausoleum of the first Emperor of China, Emperor Qinshihuang, who died in 210 BC.

Top things to do in Shanghai include: the Terracotta Army, Ancient City Wall (riding bike on the top of the Ancient City Wall can be very interesting and impressive), Big Wild Goose Pagoda (one of the most famous Buddhist pagodas in China), Shaanxi Provincial Museum (one of the two largest historical museums in China), and Muslim Food Street. 

Where to stay in Xi’an?

Xi’an Hotels near the famous attractions of central Xi’an, such as the Bell Tower, the Ancient City Wall and Muslim Food Street are recommended.

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