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Xining Restaurants

Xining Restaurants

Written by Ruru ZhouUpdated Jul. 19, 2023

Daximen Muslim Restaurant

The restaurant covers an area of 1,600 square meters. The hall on the first floor is for feast or individual. There are many luxurious separated rooms on the second floor. The restaurant mainly deals in the famous dishes of Guangdong cuisine and local flavor dishes. It specially engages the topping cooks of Chaozhou and Guangzhou as its cooks. Famous cooks of Northwest China are in charge of the local food.

  • Chinese name: 大西门清真餐饮 Daximen Qingzhen Canyin /daa-sshee-mnn qing-jnn tsan-yin/
  • Address: No. 114, Changjiang Road, Chengzhong District, Xining City (on the south side of the Xining Gym)
  • Tel: 0971-8220301

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Little Circle Gate

The Little Circle Gate is one of the Muslim restaurants with a long history in Xining, Qinghai. It has more than kinds of dishes. The most famous dishes in here are listed as follow: Eight-Treasure Rice, Boiled Mutton Ate By hand, Cassock Mutton, Fragrant and Crisp Chicken, Sheep's Intestines, Facai Cake, Huhe Bolus, Sheep's Tendon, Insect and Herb Series, and Huang Fish Series.

  • Chinese name: 小圆门美食宫 Xiao Yuan Men Meishi Gong /sshyaoww-ywen mnn may-shee gong/
  • Opening hours: 9:30am–11pm
  • Address: 190 Dongguan Da Street, Chengzhong District (城中区东关大街190号)
  • Tel: 0971-8125529  8142969

Little Circle Building

The Little Circle Building is one of the Muslim restaurants with a history of more than 100 years in Xining. The restaurant constantly takes the advantages of different foods, makes full use of the natural pollution-free local products of the Qinghai plateau, combines the traditional characteristic of food culture of the people in Qinghai, and gradually forms its own unique style of Muslim food. At present, there are more than 500 kinds of Muslim dishes. Among them, over 20 dishes are its flavor dishes, including Acid and Hot Mutton Fillet, Braised Sheep's Tendon, Boiled Mutton Ate By hand, Hot Sheep's Hoof, Braised Mutton, Braised Beef with Potato, Cattle's Tail with Brown Sauce, Sheep's Intestines with Brown Sauce, Fragrant and Crisp Chicken, etc.. They are all popular with customers. Many customers come here to taste the unique Muslim dishes. No. 454, Gonghe South Road, Xining City.

Gao Lao Zhuang

Gao Lao Zhuang is the largest-scale hotpot restaurant in Xining City. The couplet of Gao Lao Zhuang shows the way of the management. There are more than 50 kinds of instant-boiled dishes, over 10 cool dishes and wheaten foods respectively, and several kinds of porridge. The based material of the hotpot is elaborately concocted, which has unique flavor. The earliest restaurant located in the Xiguang Street is called "Old Restaurant", which combines frying, baking and instant boiling together.

  • Chinese name: 高老庄火锅城 Gao Lao Zhuang Huoguo Cheng /gaoww laoww jwung hwor-gwor chnng/
  • Address: 7 Minzhu Road, Chengzhong District (城中区民主路7号)
  • Tel: 0971-8243309

Lasa Flavor Snack Shop

It's a Muslim restaurant. The shop fully shows the features of the food culture of the snow region. It attracts domestic and foreign visitors, the Zuang people and the people of different nationalities to come here. When guests come, the hostess holds savoury ghee milk tea with both hands to guests. Guests feel they seem to be at home. Its flavor dishes are listed as follow: Zuang-Style Flavor Mutton Eaten by Hand, blood sausage, mutton sausage, rice noodles, ghee Zanba, yogurt, Juema rice and Bao Zi.

  • Chinese name: 拉萨风味小吃店 Lasa Fengwei Xiaochi Dian /la-sa fnng
  • Address: 196 Jianguo Road, Chengdong District (城东区建国路196号)

Ginger Duck

The Xining Ginger Duck Hotel Limited Company is a Sino-foreign joint venture, which is funded by the Ji'erjiqi'anbang Petroleum Company and the Victory Oilfield Gongyi Group. It's the first chain store in West China after the Jinan Ganger Duck Hotel which is reputed as the carrier of China's catering trade was established. It can hold 800 people at the same time. Wu Yi Club, No. 1, Wuyi Road, Xining City

Sha Li Hai Food City

It is an old restaurant mainly serves mutton, and the most famous dish must be sheep neck (羊脖子), served with chili sauce. Braised mutton (黄焖羊肉) and Gou Jiao Niao (狗浇尿, a kind of thin pancake made) are other highly recommended dishes.

  • Chinese name: 沙力海美食城 Sha Li Hai Meishi Cheng /sha lee heye may-shee tsnng/
  • Average price per person: 46 yuan
  • Address: 4 Beida Street, Chengzhong District (城中区北大街4号)
  • Tel: 0971-8232 039

Muslim Yixin Mutton Restaurant

It should be the best Muslim restaurant in Xining. Braised mutton (黄焖羊肉) is the signature dish, which is stewed in a cauldron and tastes tender. Customers need to go to the receptionist to order the braised mutton. Qihua noodles (旗花面), fried potato (炸土豆块), braised tendons of mutton in soy sauces (红烧羊蹄筋) and mutton eaten by hands (手抓羊肉) are several highlight recommended dishes.

  • Chinese name: 清真益鑫羊肉手抓馆 Qingzhen Yixin Yangrou Shouzhua Guan /ching-jnn yee-sshin shoh-zhwah yung-row gwan/
  • Average price per person: 40 yuan
  • Address: 5 Baiyu Lane, Huangguang Garden North Street, Chengzhong District (城中区湟光花园北街白玉巷5号)
  • Tel: 0971-8179336

Dongdong Food City

The restaurant mainly serves Muslim dishes. Sheep neck (羊脖子) and sliced potato (土豆片) are two most popular dishes there. Other dishes made with mutton and beef. Even though the old restaurant is a little old in decoration, those delicious dishes still attract many customers.

  • Chinese name: 董董美食城 Dongdong Meishi Cheng /dong-dong may-shee chnng/
  • Average price per person: 40 yuan
  • Address: 38 Chengxi Shengli Road, Chengxi District (城西区城西胜利路38号)
  • Tel: 0971-6124 437

Vegetarian Restaurants

1. Holy Land Vegetarian Restaurant

  • Chinese name: 圣地素食馆 Shengdi Sushi Guan
  • Address: 138 Jinta Road, Huangzhong County 湟中县金塔路138
  • Tel: 0971-2233815
  • Transportation: Take Special Bus Line 1 in Huangzhong County and get off at the Huangzhong Tower (湟中塔).

2. Wonderful Purely Vegetarian Noshery

  • Chinese name: 万德福净素快餐店 Wandefu Jingsu Kuaicandian
  • Address: near the Nanshan Temple 南山寺附近
  • Tel: 020-83302126
  • Transportation: Take Bus 16, 21, 43 or 105 and get off Yangguang Community (阳光小区站), and then walk westward about 30 meters.
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