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Chengzhong District

Yixin-style Boiled Lamb Muslim Restaurant

Yixin-style Boiled Lamb Muslim Restaurant, one of the best Muslim-style restaurants, is famous for its specialty boiled lamb, though it is located in a lane. The fresh boiled lamb is popular because guests can enjoy the right to choose which part of the lamb they would like after seeing it for themselves at the counter. In addition to this, other dishes here are great and cheap. The restaurant shows its ethnic features by its Muslim-style ornaments and clothes on the waiters. Moreover, the attitude of the service is good and the dishes are served quickly.

  • Chinese name: 清真益鑫羊肉手抓馆 Qingzhen Yixin Yangrou Shouzhua Guan
  • Recommended dishes: stewed mutton in rice wine (黄焖羊肉), deep-fried diced potatoes (炸土豆), braised potatoes in a brown sauce (红烧土豆), sautéed pickled cabbage with vermicelli (酸菜粉条), braised lamb tendons (红烧羊蹄筋), mutton with vermicelli soup (羊肉粉丝汤), and stewed lamb tendons with peppers and chilies (胡辣羊蹄).
  • Average price per person: 48 yuan
  • Opening hours: 9am–9.30pm
  • Address: 5 White Jade Lane, Huangguang Garden North Street, Chengzhong District 城中区湟光花园北街白玉巷5号
  • Tel: 0971-8179336
  • Transportation: Take bus 1, 10, 14, 17, 22, 23, 101 or 102, and get off at Huangguang (湟光).

Sha Li Hai Restaurant

Sha Li Hai Restaurant, a popular Muslim-style restaurant in Xining, primarily serves various specially flavored cuisines and snacks. The dishes here have a terrific combination of tastes and textures. The main dishes, such as mutton, are fresh and tender; the side dishes, such as various kinds of vegetables, are appetizing and smooth. The restaurant's decorations with beautiful colored crystal chandeliers are so elegant and comfortable that they provide a relaxed dining ambience.

  • Chinese name: 沙立海餐饮美食城 Sha Li Hai Canyin Meishicheng
  • Recommended dishes: spicy lamb's neck (羊脖子), braised mutton in rice wine (黄焖羊肉), Qinghai-style deep-fried dough cake (狗浇尿), yogurt (酸奶), boiled lamb (手抓羊肉), deep-fried potatoes (炸土豆), and mutton kebab (羊肉串).
  • Average price per person: 56 yuan
  • Address: 4 North Avenue, Chengzhong District 城中区北大街4号
  • Tel: 0971-8232039
  • Transportation: Take bus 14, 15, 16, 35, 101, 102 or 106, and get off at the Xining Hotel (西宁宾馆).

Sha Li Hai Restaurant Qiyi Road Branch 沙立海餐饮美食城七一路店

  • Average price per person: 51 yuan
  • Address: 491 Qiyi Road, Chengzhong District 城中区七一路491号
  • Tel: 0971-8215426
  • Transportation: Take bus 14, 15, 16, 35, 101, 102 or 106.

Sha Li Hai Restaurant Small Bridge Avenue Branch 沙立海餐饮美食城小桥大街店

  • Average price per person: 52 yuan
  • Opening hours: 9.30am–11pm
  • Address: 190 Guangdong Avenue, Chengzhong District 城中区关东大街190号
  • Tel: 0971-8125529, 0971-8142969
  • Transportation: Take bus 11 or 84.

Xiao Yuan Men Restaurant

Xiao Yuan Men Restaurant not only serves traditional Muslim-style dishes but also unique and creative halal dishes that are integrated with other cooking styles such as Sichuan, Cantonese and Hunan. The beef fillets in a raft shaped piece of bamboo are braised with chili sauce in a Cantonese style and taste slightly sweet and are palatable. The other dishes here have fine colors which are charming to the eyes and they are terrifically tasty. The restaurant has a Muslim-style appearance with elaborate interior decorations, which provides a pleasant dining environment for guests.

  • Chinese name: 小圆门美食宫Xiao Yuan Men Meishigong
  • Recommended dishes: boiled lamb (手抓羊肉), sautéed lamb tenderloin with sweet and sour sauce (糖醋里脊), yogurt (酸奶), spicy hot lamb tendons (香辣羊蹄), spicy beef briskets (五香牛腩), highland barley cake (青稞饼), sizzling ox ribs (铁板牛仔骨), sautéed beef with pickled cabbage, and roast lamb chops (烤羊排).
  • Average price per person: 52 yuan
  • Address: 22 South Avenue, Chengzhong District. 城中区南大街22号
  • Tel: 0971-8125529, 0971-8142969
  • Transportation: Take bus 1, 10, 14, 17, 22, 101, 102 or 109, and get off at Beixiao Jiekou (北小街口).

Xiao Yuan Men Restaurant Kunlun Road Branch

  • Average price per person: 50 yuan
  • Address: 1-23 Kunlun Road, Chengxi District 城西区昆仑路1-23
  • Tel: 0971-8125529, 0971-6249286
  • Transportation: Take bus 2, 18, 20, 22, 29, 32, 35 or 102.

Mazhong RestaurantSouth Avenue Branch

Like Mazhong Restaurant on Mojia Street, the restaurant primarily serves delicious Muslim-style dishes and snacks. The South Avenue branch of Mazhong Restaurant has a small gate but its inside is so spacious that it can hold wedding receptions.

  • Chinese name: 马忠饭店 Mazhong Fandian
  • Recommended dishes: yogurt (酸奶), sheet of jellied wheat starch in a spicy sauce (酿皮), and wheat gluten (面筋).
  • Average price per person: 52 yuan
  • Address: 22 South Avenue, Chengzhong District 城中区南大街22号
  • Tel: 0971-8137188
  • Transportation: Take bus 85, and get off at Nandajie (South Avenue/南大街).

Chengdong District

Mazhong Restaurant

Mazhong Restaurant is famous for its traditional Muslim-style dishes, snacks, hot pots, and other specially flavored halal dishes. The restaurant serves more than 300 types of great Muslim-style snacks and its specialty Mazhong-style sheet of jellied wheat starch in a spicy sauce is so popular that many people wait in line for it every day.

  • Chinese name: 马忠食府 Mazhong Shifu
  • Recommended dishes: yogurt (酸奶), sweet unfiltered wine (甜醅), braised mutton in rice wine (黄焖羊肉), sautéed handmade noodles with lamb intestines (羊肠面), assorted vegetables in a pottery dish (素砂锅), roast whole lamb (烤全羊), lamb sweetbread soup (羊杂汤), handmade noodles with beef (牛肉面), and sautéed flat noodle pieces with mutton (羊肉面片).
  • Average price per person: 26 yuan
  • Opening hours: 10am–11pm
  • Address: 11-16 Mojia Street Market, Chengdong District 城东区莫家街市场11-16号
  • Tel: 0971-4920128
  • Transportation: Take bus 105 and get off at Mojiajie (Mojie Street/莫家街).

Yixin-style Boiled Lamb Muslim Restaurant Public Street Branch 清真益鑫羊肉手抓馆大众街店

  • Average price per person: 32 yuan
  • Address: 74 Public Street, Chengdong District 城东区大众街74号
  • Tel: 0971-3976666, 0971-3976686
  • Transportation: Take bus 1, 14, 17, 22, 23, 101 or 102.