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Xining Weather in August

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In August, the temperature decreases a little compared with July but it is still hot and even scorching sometimes. The highest temperature hits nearly 24 °C (75.2 °F), and you may feel like you are in a big smelter. The weather may cool down after the breeze blows and it rains. The sunshine is strong at noon, so bring an umbrella to protect yourself from getting sunburned.

Summer clothing still works. A T-shirt with shorts are good for staying cool at noon, while long sleeve skirts are good for the cool of the night.

August may fall during the peak travel season, especially for students on their summer holidays. The famous scenic spot, Kumbum Monastery, may be the best place for tourists to learn the religion and the culture of the area. Hotel rooms and train tickets are much more difficult to book and prices are much higher than normal. Consult our website to book hotel rooms and flight tickets at a big discount.

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