Yan'an Weather


Yan'an has a continental climate with a annual average temperature of 9.4 °C(49 °F), an annual average precipitation of 450-650 mm (18-26 inches), and an annual non-frost season for 180 days. The average altitude is 1300 meters (4265 feet).

Yan'an is a good place to escape summer heat. It is much cooler than other place of Shaanxi Province. While there is sharp temperature difference between day and night, therefore warm clothes are recommended. 

As Yan'an is located on the Loess Plateau, wind-blown sand in air is prevalent. You can bring a pair of glasses, a hat and a muffler for comfort. 

There are usually many tourists festivals featuring folk customs (such as waist drum dance and Yangge Dance) held during the period around Chinese New Year (usually from late January to early February). It is the best time to enjoy the colorful folk customs of the Loess Plateau.

The Best Times to Go: July, August, September and the period around Chinese New Year