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Top Reasons to Choose A Yangtze Cruise

Taking a Yangtze cruise is a popular way to discover China. Every year, millions of travelers worldwide come to China to enjoy this fantastic experience. There is an old saying: "on a slow boat to China". Well, why not relax on a slow boat in China, on the beautiful Yangtze River. A Yangtze River Cruise will take you through the center of China, while giving you the opportunity to see some of the most spectacular scenery imaginable. Here are the top reasons to choose a Yangtze cruise:

High Star Rating Yangtze Cruise Ships

The Yangtze cruise ships offered by China Highlights are all rated at four stars and above, which will ensure you a safe and well-catered-for trip.

Enjoying the Gorge Scenery & Historical Relics on a Slow Ship

Yangtze cruise ships travel slowly for passengers to enjoy the beautiful scenery and cultural relics. Broadcasts from the ship’s PA system, transmitting information on shore excursions or from guest lecturers to your cabin, ensure that you will not miss a chance to see any special scenery; even if you are relaxing in your cabin. The most impressive section of the river is the Three Gorges, comprising: Qutang Gorge, Wuxia Gorge and Xiling Gorge.

Classic and More Specialized Shore Excursion

There are several impressive guided shore excursions on offer during a Yangtze cruise (one or two shore excursions a day), including such classic attractions as the Three Gorges Dam, Daning River’s Lesser Three Gorges, and Fengdu Ghost City.

Completely Leisurely and Comfortable Sightseeing

A slow could be a luxury for city dwellers in highly urbanized and industrialized society. A Yangtze Cruise could slow your pace and slow your mind on a leisurely trip to let you embrace this picturesque with wide-open eyes. Enjoy the sunrise, sunset and starry nights on a sun deck while drinking a cup of wine or coffee. That is the life!

A Yangtze Cruise Gives You More Free Time and Less Hassle.

Sailing aboard a fine hotel, there is no traffic congestion or the many other hassles of traveling by bus or train. According to your preference you could: Learn Tai Chi or practice Yoga on the sun deck accompanied with the pleasant river breeze, drink a cup of coffee on your private balcony, chat at a wine party, make friends with people from different parts of the world, play cards in the card room, watch TV in you cabin or just have a sweet nap to refresh yourself.

Gourmet Cuisine To Suit Every Palate

There is a great variety of dishes served on Yangtze cruise ships, both Chinese and Western food. You can choose according to your tastes.

Onboard Activities and Staff Shows of Chinese Customs

The entertainment varies from ship to ship. Staff shows displaying costumes from different Chinese dynasties and ethnic groups, the various customs for marrying in different parts of China and representative scenes from famous classical Chinese novels are popular with passengers.

Chinese Culture Lectures and Chinese Language Classes

Depending on the ship, there are lectures about Chinese Tea, Jade, pearl, Chinese paintings and Chinese language classes. You have many chances to learn about Chinese culture and the Chinese language.