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Yangzhou Attraction

Yangzhou's attractions include server unique gardens, which were used to be family mansions in ancient times. These gardens: Heyuan Garden and Geyuan Garden reflect the typical style of Chinese garden architecture. Besides, there are several historic sites worthy to visit.

If you are interested in Chinese architecture style, Yangzhou could be a nice choice. 

Most Popular Yangzhou Attractions


Also known as Jixiao Mountain Villa, scenic Yangzhou He Garden was built by He Zangdao during Emperor Tongzhi's reign.

Geyuan Garden

Visit this classically elegant Chinese garden and depart from reality for a moment. Transport yourself back hundreds of years and imagine what life was like for an ancient Chinese sanding in a garden jus..

Daming Buddhist Temple

Daming Temple is a historical site renowned for its natural beauty, and the Buddhist rites that have been performed there since its construction in the Southern Dynasty (457-464). It is one of the national..