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Yangzhou Transportation

Coming and Going

Yangzhou is not connected by rail, but it is easily accessible. A bus journey from Shanghai takes about 3.5 hours; from Suzhou, about 2.5 hours, from Nanjing about 1 hour.

If you go into Yangzhou from Shanghai or Suzhou, you will pass the 3,740-metre-long Jiangyin Changjiao Daqiao, the longest bridge over the Yangzi River in China.

The nearest airport is at Nanjing - tickets can be booked at major hotels.

Getting Around

City transport is convenient, for most public buses run from 06:00 to 18:00. Taxis are cheap: Starting price of RMB5 or 6.

The bus guide for some substantive scenery spots of Yangzhou: The west bus station (Bus No.21)- Slender West Lake (Bus No.1) - Ge Garden - He Garden (Bus No.19) - the west bus station The Taxi: The started price is RMB5, and it costs less than RMB1O to get to any scenery spot you prefer to go to in the scope of the city. If you have an interest in traveling by tricycle, you should pay RMB5 more or less.