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Binhai Road

While Binhai Road cannot be compared to the famous Las Vegas Strip (though "Binhai Strip"/ Binhai Road does have a casino), by night Binhai Road is equally as dazzling, thanks to its many colorful lights and its water fountains, the latter of which are also lit in color by night. However, by day, "Binhai Strip" has something that completely trumps Las Vegas Strip: on one side of Binhai Road is the sea, with a lower-level, tree-lined walkway. Sail boats dot the seascape along Binhai Road, and the squawking of sea gulls and other sea birds can be heard.

By day, tourists can take in the sights along Binhai Road, which include the East Emplacement, the Swedish Consulate, and International Exhibition Hall, or one can just drive along Binhai Road and enjoy the landside view with its modern architecture interspersed with greenery, or the seaside view with its typical seaside resort vistas. There are also some ten beaches strewn along the length of Binhai Road (certain stretches of Binhai Road do not lend themselves to commercial development and thus retain a pristine natural beauty), where one can laze in the sun or take a dip in the sea. And one can of course stroll unhurriedly along the walkway, stopping here and there to enjoy the ever-changing view of the sea.

By night, one can cruise Binhai Road and enjoy a completely different landside view, one where Binhai Road comes to life as "Binhai Strip". For those who long for a bit of risk-taking, there is of course Huanghai Sea Casino, where one can also simply enjoy an evening of good food, drink, and entertainment. An evening stroll along the shoreline, where the night lights of "Binhai Strip" are softly reflected in the sea, is as romantic as it gets.