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Yantai Hill

Yantai Hill, in the north of the city proper and surrounded by sea on three sides, houses a large collection of colonial-era Western architecture.

After they took over Yantai, the British took advantage of the beautiful settings of Yantai Hill and built their consulate, churches and post offices there. Several other nations, including the U.S., France and Japan, followed the British and built their consulates and other facilities in the mountain, turning it into a foreign settlement. The buildings have been well preserved, so much so that the park is renowned as a living museum of Western treaty port architecture. 

Other attractions in the park include Beacon Tower, Stone Ship and Dragon Temple.

Beacon Tower
Beacon Tower is an outlook beacon where wolf dung was lit to warn fishing fleets of approaching pirates during the Ming Dynasty. The tower was built during the Ming Dynasty, over 700 years ago, and fell into disuse during the Qing Dynasty. The name of the city, Yantai, which means Smoke Terrace, came from the Beach Tower in Yantai Hill.

Stone Ship
Stone Ship, located at the north slope of the mountain, is a huge stone resembling a shoaled boat.  

Dragon Temple
Dragon Temple is where local people come to pray for a happy, prosperous and peaceful life. It is a very active place and is sacred among the Yantai people.
Tourists can walk around the tree-clad paths and take in the views of the Western architecture interspersed with greenery. One can also climb to one of the vantage points and enjoy the scenery of the sea dotted with sailboats.

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