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The Suyukou National Forest Park


The Suyukou National Forest Park is located in the Helan National Natural Reserve, about 25 kilometers away from the southwest of Yinchuan city. It is 35 kilometers away from the north of the Shahu Tourism Zone and 12 kilometers away from the east of the Zhenbei Fantasy Film City. The Mausoleum of Xixia dynasty is 30 kilometers away from it in the south.


The Suyukou National Forest Park is a famous natural scenic spots in Ningxia. It is also one of the AAAA National Tourist Scenic Spots.

Brief Introduction of the Suyukou National Forest Park

The Suyukou National Forest Park is rich in natural scenery spots and has unique cultural landscape. It covers an area of nearly one million hectare. In the Suyukou National Forest Park, there are countless natural forests such as Chinese pines, Hackmatacks, Spruces and etc, most of which are so tall that it seems as if they can poke into the sky. Those red cherries, purple cloves, pink peaches and other precious shrubs can be found all over the valleys and the ravines. The successive beauty of the vast stretch of forest is a kaleidoscope of gorgeous colors. Here, tourists can not only enjoy the amazing sunrise and night views of the Helan Mountain, but also see the running red deer, springing blue sheep, naughty crossoptilon auritum and other wildlife under special state protection.

The Suyukou National Forest Park has rich historical and cultural connotations. Each valley and mountain here has its own name, its own legend and its own history. The Religious culture, Xixia culture and Rock Painting culture give the Suyukou National Forest Park great historical and cultural connotations. There are four Cliffside Carvings of the Buddha made in early days of Ming Dynasty. These four carvings are with well-rounded figures and kindly faces. Moreover, these carvings are carved with fine details, good likeness and unique shapes. All of them are excellent in low relief.

The Sanqing Taoist Temple, Lingguang Temple, Lingguang Tower and Lingguang Cave are built on the ruins of the ancient Xixia temples. They are vivid representations of the long history and the highly enigmatic connotation of the Buddhism and Taoism culture. The newly-built travel telpher gives tourists a new feeling. Taking the telpher, tourists can enjoy the blue sky, white clouds and the soughing of the wind in the pines. It is really a kind of distinctive feeling.

The Helan Museum has a unique structure and abundant collections. It is an ideal place for popularizing and propagating patriotism education and science education. The  spectacular man-made waterfall is the largest man-made waterfalls in Northwestern China. In addition, there is a big ski resort. It is an ideal place for sports and fitness in winter.


The Tianbao Reception center is located at the waiting hall of the Yinchuan North Gate Bus Station. There are shuttle buses departing at nine o’clock every morning. At the opposite of the Yinchuan Exhibition Hall, there is the Bus Company.  There are shuttle buses only running on weekends and the departing time is after 9:00.