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The Zhenbei Fantasy Film City


The Zhenbei Fantasy Film City is located at the Zhenbeipu Town of Xixia District.


The Zhenbeipu town is one of the local-level units of cultural relics protection in Yinchuan. Now it is the location of the Zhenbei Fantasy Film City. Many films are produced here, and thanks to these films, many actors become famous. Some of these films are awarded national prizes and international prizes. 

As the number of films, stars from this film city and awards (either national or international) that the films have got is second to none of the other film cities in China, It is crowned as the Great Film City in China. As it has made special contribution to the development of China’s film industry, people always say that "The Chinese films take its place in the world starting right here from the Zhenbei Film City".

Brief Introduction

There are two film cities in the town: the South film city and the North film city. Both of the two film cities are facing east. The South film city ,which is close to the east of the Yanshan road, is erosed by wind and only the walls remain. The distribution of the city is still clear. It is 175 meters long from east to west and 160 meters wide from south to north.

The ruins of the Wengcheng (a small town outside of the city gate) is in the Huangtu road, north of the South film city. The North film city is about 200 meters away from the Wengcheng of the South film city. It is 170 meters long from east to west and 150 meters wide from south to north. The wall of the city is over 10 meters high and it is built with yellow earth. In the east of the city, there is a semicircular Wengcheng (a small town outside of the city gate).

In the south of the city, there is a slope leading to the wall. The wall is 5 meters in width and has a crenellated wall which is 1.8 meters high. Once there were watchtowers at the four corners of the wall. The bases of the four watchtowers can be easily found today.

The Zhenbei town has a history of more than one hundred years. It has become one of the tourism resorts in the east of Helan Mountain because of its ancient but magnificent style. Its unique characteristics also attract many famous Chinese film artists. It is crowned as the Mysterious Treasure Place by these artists.

Since 1980s, many films have been produced here. Director Xiejin produced "the Herdsman", starring Congshan and Zhu Shimao. The Herdsman won the Hundred Flowers Awards for Films. Later, Zhang Yimou ,who is known as a film wonder, produced the "Red Sorghum" which won the Berlin Golden Bear. It was the first Chinese film that won the Berlin Golden Bear. Thanks to this film, Gong LI and Jiang Wen became famous. The "Ballad of The Yellow River" directed by Teng Wenji, won the Montreal Gold Medal.

After that, a famous Chinese writer Zhang Xianliang built the Huaxia Western Film city here. Many films were produced or framed here, including the "Pandora’s Box", "The Swordsman in Double Flag Town", "Ashes of Time"," Five top finishers"," Five Women and One Rope"," Old person and dog"," The Young Hero Fong Sai Yuk","The Waste Land Goddess", "Conqueror" and etc. These films made great stirs in the film arena home and abroad.

Now in the two film cities, some sceneries and props of films are reserved or restored for tourists. Sceneries shown here include the Chengmen Building, Chengmen Cave, Pansi Cave and a fighting scene of the lead and a supporting actor in the "Pandora’s Box"; the Blacksmith Camp in the "Ballad of The Yellow River"; the Moon Gate, Wine Workshop, the bedroom of Jiu Er (the actress in the film, acted by Gong Li) and the sedan chair she used, the big vat for serving wine in her wedding in the "Red Sorghum"; the Jiaofei Building (the Suppressing Bandits Building) in the "Pluto Moves" and the imposing mansions and spacious courtyards in the"Five top finishers". Moreover, there are film archives, cinemas and other film facilities.


Tourists can take the city bus line 1, 101, 102 and get off at the railway station. Then transfer to the line 303 to get to the film city.