Yinchuan Food


In Yinchuan, most of the citizens belong to the Hui nationality. Travelers can taste the typical Muslim food, such as the steamed young lamb, roast beef and lamb, mutton eaten with hands. In addition, there are many distinctive local snacks such as sweetbreads, pita bread soaked in lamb soup, Muslim cream pastry, Masan boiled chicken with salt, every kind of food made of flour and etc. Dishes in Yinchuan are strongly flavored, while the beef and mutton are fine and tender. As the servings here are large enough, tourists don’t need to order many dishes in case of waste. One possible way is how many people, how many dishes.

The Zhongshan street which connects the North Gate and the South Gate of the old Yinchuan city, is not only a major road but also a food street. Here are some famous restaurants such as the Yibahuo restaurant, Wuweixian restaurant, Sihai restaurant, Zihang restaurant and etc. In addition, there are also many famous restaurants in the Hubin road which is known as the Barbecue Street. It is very exiting on the street at night.

Recommended Restaurants:

Yingbin Restaurant

Yingbin Restaurant is located at the West Avenue, Liberation road, Xingqing District. It is a famous Muslim restaurant in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

Yingbin Restaurant is famous for its hot pot and instant-boiled mutton. In addition, the dishes of Yingbin restaurant are also popular here such as the roast duck, braised carp in soy sauce, cold chicken’s gizzard and etc. Local people usually come here to buy the steamed bread and roast bread. In the summer, Yingbin restaurant also sells its self-made cold drinks such as ice cream and bricks of ice cream. As the ice creams are delicious, they are so popular here that people need to line up to buy them.

Shahu Hotel

Shahu restaurant is located at the No.58, West Avenue, Culture road, Xingqing District. Travelers can take the city bus line 3 and get off at the Hubin road station. Although it is called Shahu hotel, actually it is also one of the most famous restaurants in Yinchuan. Its characteristics are Shahu fish head, Shahu lyceum bean milk and Shahu steamed bread which is selected as one of the safety food in Ningxia.

As for tourists, Shahu Hotel is our recommended place to eat breakfast. Here tourists can taste almost all kinds of breakfast in Ningxia. The price is suitable and most of the local people also come here to east breakfast. Before ordering the breakfast, tourists should buy a certain amount of meal voucher. Food can be bought by the meal voucher. The left meal voucher can be changed into cash.

Xianhe Restaurant

Xianhe restaurant is located at No. 204, Xinhua street, Xingqing District, near the Zhongshan South street. It is one of the most famous Muslim restaurants. The flavor of the dishes here is full-bodied. Here are some recommended dishes: Chinese dumplings, Fried rib mutton, Sheep neck, Yellow river carp, Cold shredded potato and etc.

Shaguoxin Restaurant

Shaguoxin restaurant is located at the No.76, Yuhuang Pavilion north street, Old urban District. Although the restaurant is small, there are many kinds of casserole. The taste is pure and it attracts many tourists. The flavor of the casserole is a little spicy and hot. Lots people will go there to have lunch or dinner, so travelers have to wait at the dinner time if they go there a little late.

Other Restaurants

Guoqiang restaurant and Laomao restaurant are two famous restaurants major serve mutton in Yinchuan. The characteristics are Fried rib mutton, Sheep neck and etc. There are some branches in the urban area.

Qingqing Ice Cream is located at the Hubin East Road, it is one of the popular cold drink shops in Yinchuan. It sells different kinds of cold drinks such as Red bean ice cream, Chaenomeles tea with milk and etc.

Tiantian Grill is located at the Hubin Road, near the Shaokao street which is full of  restaurants where grilled foods are served. Mutton skewers and other barbecues served here are delicious and the prices are also suitable.

Jingpin Yuntan restaurant is located at the National North Road, its characteristics are Guoqiao Rice Noodles, Air-pot chicken, Wusangui Ham Hock and etc. Moreover, travelers can bring own drinks here.