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Zhaoqing Attractions

Zhaoqing is not a popular tourist city in China; however, it still offers several scenic spots worthy of a visit. Xinghu Seven Star Cave is the most famous scenic spot in Zhaoqing, mainly consisting of graceful natural landscapes and historic inscriptions on precipices. The Zhaoqing Ancient City Wall, built in the Song Dynasty (960–1279), is another historic site in Zhaoqing. China Highlights can help you tailor-make your own tour of China that includes the attractions in Zhaoqing, and based on your own preferences.

Most Popular Zhaoqing Attractions

Star Lake Scenic Area's Seven Star Crags

Xinghu Scenic Area consists of the Seven Star Crags Scenic Spot and the Dinghu Mountain Scenic Spot, the former being located in the midst of the city of Zhaoqing in Guangdong Province. The beauty and sere..

Dinghu Mountain Scenic Area

To discover a breath-taking enclave of China's natural beauty and to immerse yourself in Chinese religious and cultural history, one can find no better place to visit than Dinghu Mountain Scenic Area. Its ..

Zhaoqing Ancient City Wall

First built in the Song Dynasty, Zhaoqing Ancient City Wall is the only extant ancient city wall in Guangdong Province. It is of the shape of rectangle with the perimeter 2,800 meters. According to historical r..