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Zhaoxing Attractions

Zhaoxing is regarded as China's largest 'Dong village'; hence, the city's tourism is themed with the customs of the Dong Minority. Here, visitors can experience unique Dong customs, listen to folk songs, appreciate the unique Dong architecture, and relish delicious Dong-style food. Two attractions listed below reflect the unique Dong architecture. You can join one of our Zhaoxing tours and explore the culture of the Dong Minority.

Most Popular Zhaoxing Attractions

Diping Wind and Rain Bridge

Summary The roofed Diping Wind-Rain bridges, also called Flower Bridges, are best-known for its unique architectural style. It has the longest history among Dong’s architectures. Overview Dong nati..

Drum Towers

Summary Zhaoxing is renowned for its drum towers, which are the only one of its kind in China. Therefore, it is praised as the land of drum towers. Overview Among the 628 drum towers in China, L..