Diping Wind and Rain Bridge

Diping Wind and Rain Bridge

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021


The roofed Diping Wind-Rain bridges, also called Flower Bridges, are best-known for its unique architectural style. It has the longest history among Dong’s architectures.


Dong nationality features three unique folk cultures, Wind-Rain Bridges (Flower Bridges), Drum Tower and songs of Dong nationality. Walking in the Dong village, travelers will come across many a bridge, which is more of a roof covered building across the river, covered with pavilions. The bridges are built with fir timbers, with projecting eaves and tile interlocks. The columns and planks are engineered to fit together tightly without using nails.

The bridges, built in 1882, have earned the name "flower bridges" because of the exquisite sculptures that cover them. Roofed with tiles engraved with flowers, the bridges have on their sides five large pagoda-like, multi-tier pavilions beautifully decorated with carvings. The Flower Bridges are covered walkways with railings and benches for people to sit on and enjoy the scenes around. On a raining day, sitting in the bridge pavilion and chatting with friends is one of the most pleasurable experiences.

All bridges are masterpieces of folk architecture in every detail, wood columns, purlins, stools, and railings. Every bridge was built without a nail or a rivet, and without any blueprints. Boasting the great historical, scientific and artistic value, they were listed in the fifth national cultural heritages.


They are located on the Nanjiang River, flowing through Diping Dong village, Liping County, Guizhou Province.

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