Zhengzhou Muslim Restaurants

Zhengzhou Muslim Restaurants

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Jinshui District

1. 100 Feast Ramen

Beef NoodlesBeef Noodles

The restaurant mainly serves food mixed with noodles or ramen, as well as other typical Muslim food. Originating from Lanzhou ramen, the ramen it serves not only has features from Lanzhou, such as its color and tasty flavor, but it also has its own distinctive taste, which attracts a lot of customers. Also, the environment of the restaurant is clean, bright, tidy and comfortable, although the decoration is simple.

100 Feast Ramen Beihuan Carrefour Branch (百宴拉面北环家乐福分店)

100 Feast Ramen Jinshui Road Branch (百宴拉面金水路店)

2. Sushi Beef Noodle

Beef NoodleBeef Noodle

Sushi Beef Noodle is a brand that owns many chain restaurants dotted almost all over China. The restaurant primarily serves beef noodles and ramen, which comprise of a tasty consommé, chewy noodles and ramen, and fresh beef. It also serves other halal food and snacks such as mutton kebabs, fried buns and cakes. About 20 years old, the brand has been improving the taste of its food and has won some prizes and honorary titles in cook-offs. Moreover, the environment of the restaurant is clean, bright and tidy.

Sushi Beef Noodle Manhattan Branch (苏氏牛肉面曼哈顿分店)

3. Farmer Braised Chicken with Potato and Green Pepper

Braised Chicken with Potato and Green PepperBraised Chicken with Potato and Green Pepper

Just like its name, the restaurant mainly serves braised chicken with potatoes and peppers, which is a typical and classic dish of Muslim food. The chicken it serves is tender and fresh, and is accompanied with free noodles. What’s more, the quantity of food and degree of heat at which it’s served are discretionary, which makes the dish suitable for most customers’ tastes. Besides its specialty dish, its snacks and reasonable prices are two other highlights of the restaurant.

Farmer Braised Chicken with Potato and Green Pepper Wenhua Road Branch (农夫大盘鸡文化路店)

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