Zhengzhou Vegetarian Restaurants

Zhengzhou Vegetarian Restaurants

By Kelly PangUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

1. Suyu Chayuan Vegetarian Restaurant

This is the first vegetarian restaurant in Zhengzhou, which has been rated as a four star restaurant for foreign tourism in Henan Province by the Henan Provincial Tourism Administration. It mainly serves vegetarian dishes, infusing Buddhism culture into daily diets and life. Being free from smoke and monosodium glutamate, the dishes are mainly made from pollution-free vegetables. The environment is of antique simplicity and exceeding serenity; it’s an excellent place for both your body and mind to have a good rest. Sometimes the serving speed may be a bit slow.

Suyu Chayuan Vegetarian Restaurant Zhengdong New District Branch 素语茶缘郑东新区分店

2. Yongtai Temple Vegetarian Restaurant

The restaurant is located inside the Yongtai Temple, a tranquil place where it is good for people to meditate and repose. Many vegetarian dishes are made very similar to meat or fish from every aspect, such as the appearance and the taste. With a nice and kind serving attitude, the staff members there are all dressed like Buddhist monks and nuns, giving people a sense of peace.

3. Jing Xin Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant

In accordance with the spirit of being delicate, quiet, pleasant and true, the restaurant devotes itself to creating both nourishing and delicious vegetarian dishes. The peaceful and quiet environment will allow you to feel the harmony outside of the blatant city life. Besides, while you are there you can appreciate plenty of paintings drawn by the local famous artists and antiques collected by the boss.

4. Bodhi Tree Vegetarian Restaurant Tianshi Road Branch

The restaurant provides various vegetarian dishes, which are both healthy and nourishing. The elegant environment and strong cultural atmosphere there make it an excellent place for people to dine and have heart-to-heart talks. The cheerful staff members will look after you. The diversified food and the affordable prices will greatly whet your appetite.

Bodhi Tree Vegetarian Restaurant Tianming Road Branch 菩提树素食会馆 (天明路店)

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