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Beigu Mountain

Beigu Mountain is famous for many descriptions during the "Three Kingdoms" period. The ancient Ganlu Temple is well-known for the story known as "The Marriage of Emperor Liu Bei".

Beigu Mountain is located in the downtown of the city, with its main peak reaching 58.5 meters high. The mountain consists of three parts – pre-peak, mid-peak and post-peak . Beigu Mountain overlooks the Yangtze River with precipitous and steep cliffs.

There are many cultural relics on Mount Beigu, such as Ganlu Temple, Beigu Pavillion, the Sword Testing Stone, Ruthless Stone and Liuma Quebrada, all vividly retelling the ancient story of the "Three Kingdoms" period.

Besides these, other cultural landscapes include the tombs of General Taishi Ci and Lu Su of the East Wu Dynasty, the grave of the famous poet Liu Yong of the Northern Song Dynasty and the site where the national hero, Wen Tianxiang, of the Southern Song Dynasty made a narrow escape.

Specialty: The steep Beigu Mountain is famous for the stories of "The Romance of Three Kingdoms"

Travelers can take No. 4 bus from the train station.