Gold Hill

Gold Hill was an island in Changjiang River, and gradually became a peninsula till the emperor Guangxun's reign during the Qing Dynasty. Viewed from afar, the whole hill is covered by the temples and pagoda. Temples, halls and pavilions are built along the mountain slope and the Cishou Pagoda rises up from the summit.

Additionally, Jinshan Temple, White Dragon Cave, Fa Hai Buddha Cave and the first spring of Gold Hill will also give you a fabulous experience with unique architectural styles and timeless monuments.

Specialty: This hill is situated in the west of the old downtown, with a height of 43.7 meters and an area of 10 hectares. Tianchan Temple conforms harmoniously to the hill forming unique scenery, called"The Temple Wraps the Gold Hill". In 1687 emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty viewed the hill connecting the sky and the river from the summit and granted the name,"Jiang Tianchan Temple".

Travelers can take No. 2 bus from the train station. No. 8, 34, 102 and 123 buses also go there.

How to Get to Jiao Mountain: Travelers can take No. 104 bus from Gold Hill to Jiao Mountain.