Shopping in Zhenjiang - Best Souvenirs to Buy

By Candice SongUpdated Mar. 18, 2021

Many Chinese are familiar with the infamous Zhenjiang vinegar, because it is the first choice to use when cooking. If you have an opportunity to visit Zhenjiang, remember to take home some authentic vinegar. Zhenjiang is also famous for its handiworks, and if you travel to Zhenjiang, the table screen made of white marble is a recommended souvenir.

Special Product


When talking about the local snacks of Zhenjiang, most people think of the famous Zhenjiang Balsamic Vinegar, which has a history of more than 130 years. With its color, acidic taste, and sweet smell, Zhenjiang Balsamic Vinegar is famous in both China and abroad. Making Zhenjiang Balsamic Vinegar requires a unique geographical environment and exquisite skills. The main ingredients are good glutinous rice and Acetic Bacteria. The vinegar is made in three basic steps: classification, fermentation, and filtering the special solution, these steps are divided into more than 40 working procedures, all of which take more than 70 days to complete. After a storage period, the vinegar is put on sale.

Chinese name: 镇江醋 Zhenjiang Cu/ zhnng-jyang tswoo /
Place to Buy:
Hengshun Vinegar Factory 恒顺酱醋厂
Address: 84 Zhongshan West Road  镇江市中山西路84号
Transportation: Take city bus No. 1, 2, 4, or 10 and take off at Hengshun Vinegar Factory Station (恒顺酱醋厂站).


Zhenjiang Table Screen

The Zhenjiang Table Screen is made of quality white marble, and is famous for its exquisite processing techniques. The making of the table screen requires many procedures. First, artisans select the marble and slice them into different shapes. Then, they paint different images on those slices. Last, they adorn the slices with exquisite wooden seat frames. Most of the paintings are of landscapes, birds, flowers, and scenes from human life. A hall decorated with such a table screen is elegant and posh.

Chinese name: 汉白玉大理石  Haibaiyu Dalishi / han-beye-yoo da-lee-shuh /
Place to Buy:
Evening Street 夜市街
Address: South Gate Street  南门大街
Transportation: Take city bus No. 1, 10, 19, 24, 28,39 or K201 and take off at Shi Zhengfu Station (市政府).

Some Characteristic Streets in Zhenjiang

The Shopping Street is located on East Zhongshan Road (中山东路) which is near the Dajingkou (大京口). Tourists can take city bus line 4, 5, 104 to get there. In addition, tourists can also go to the Night Market on South Gate Street (南门大街), Farm Product Market in Jingkouzha (京口闸农贸市场), the Antique Market near 53 Street (五十三坡古董市场), the Culture Street in the Xijindu (西津渡文化街)and the Flower and Bird Market in Linyin Road (林隐路花鸟市场).

Major Shopping Malls


You can buy many brand goods here like clothes, watches, shoes, glasses, jewelries, cosmetics and so on.
Chinese name: 八佰伴 Babaiban
Address: 288 Zho ngshan Road (East)  中山东路288号
Open: 8am–9pm


It is the chain store in China, where you can buy many brand goods here like clothes, watches, shoes, glasses, jewelries, cosmetics and so on.
Chinese name: 百盛商城 Baisheng Shangcheng
Address: 214 Zhongshan West Road  中山西路214号

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