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Zhongwei Attractions

Zhongwei attractions consist of grasslands, deserts, and historic sites. Shapotou, the most popular tourist destination in Zhongwei, is a tourist area combining a desert, a mountain, a river, and gardens. Here you can see the fourth largest desert in China, Tengger Desert, and the ancient architectural complex of Gaomiao Temple. Experience the essence of Zhongwei by joining our Yinchuan and Zhongwei tour.

Most Popular Zhongwei Attractions


Overview Located within Zhongwei City, Shapotou is a tourist area with unique spectacles and is famous for its sand-control achievement. Baolan railway passes through this desert for six times. Shapotou To..

Tonghu Grassland

Located 30 kilometers northwest of Zhongwei City, Tonghu Grassland is an important part of the Shapotou Scenic Area within the Tengger Desert. Well known as “Green Eden in the desert”, the grassland repre..

Tengger Desert

Tengger Desert is the fourth largest desert in China, which covers an area of about 36,700 square kilometers and is mostly situated within the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China and joins the bord..

Gaomiao Temple

Overview Located in the north of Zhongwei City, Gaomiao Temple faces the south with a general area of 2510 square meters. The temple combines a group of well-preserved ancient buildings in a majestic atmos..