Located within Zhongwei City, Shapotou is a tourist area with unique spectacles and is famous for its sand-control achievement. Baolan railway passes through this desert for six times. Shapotou Tourism Area is regarded as one of the five most beautiful deserts in China, and is widely recognized as the Capital of Sand. Standing on the sand hill, one can see the desert extending to the north, and to the south, a boundless oasis. Both the grandeur of the north of China and the elegance of the south come together in this lovely place.

Major Tourist Activities

  • Yellow River Drift
    Floating along the Yellow River on a sheepskin raft is absolutely something of a special thrill for tourists to take part in. Although it really requires great courage to finish the feat, yet the drift itself is safe enough. Experienced boatmen will do their best to make sure that you cannot only enjoy the thrill of the drift but also appreciate the fascinating landscapes along the way. The cultural sites such as the Ming Dynasty Great Wall (1368-1644) and the ancient water wheels are there to display the characteristic Yellow River culture.
  • Sand Slide
    Having a length of about 1000 meters (about 1090 yards), a height of more than 100 meters (about 110 yards), and a slope of 60 degrees, Shapotou International Sand Slide Center is the biggest natural sand slide field in China. It is also one of China’s Four Resonant Sand Fields. When the weather is great, tourists are able to sliding down the sand hill can hear the sound of sand underneath them, like tolling bells. The experience there is quite adventurous and breathtaking.
  • Yellow River Cableway Slide
    The Cableway in Shapotou is unique in China, in that it depends totally on gravity to set it in motion.

Travel Essentials

  • Location
    Shapotou Scenic Area is 12 miles away from Zhongwei City.
  • Ticket Price
    RMB 65 in high season, RMB 50 in low season
  • Opening Time
    7:30 – 17:00
  • How to get there
    At Zhongwei bus station, you may take a bus running on a special line to Shapotou. The bus leaves every half hour. The ticket is 3 RMB. It takes you about one hour to get there. You may also go there from Zhongwei by taxi. The fair is about 20 RMB one way.