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Tonghu Grassland

Located 30 kilometers northwest of Zhongwei City, Tonghu Grassland is an important part of the Shapotou Scenic Area within the Tengger Desert. Well known as “Green Eden in the desert”, the grassland represents a large variety of natural landscapes, such as golden desert, salt lakes, wetlands, grasslands, oasis, animal husbandry village and rock paintings.

The place is surrounded by sand dunes, grass, migratory birds and fresh air. With white Mongolian tents dotted around the area, Tonghu Grassland is endowed with massive Mongolian culture and is as beautiful as a colorful painting. You can't help but admire the power of nature, and will be at a loss of words to describe the fabulous scenery.


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Tourists can get a camel from Shapotou Scenic Area and take about six hours' ride to get to Tonghu Grassland. When the weather is nice, you can get to appreciate the gorgeous desert sunset along the way, as well as many other fantastic desert landscapes.

Tonghu Grassland provides accommodation for tourists. However, there is an interesting alternative to camp outside on the sand dunes in the Tengger desert. It's pretty safe to camp on the desert nearby the Tonghu Grassland, you don't have to worry about wild animals and dangerous sandstorms.

At night, you can join guests who are from every corner of the world inside a yurt for a typical Mongolian dinner party. Singing, drinking, and Mongolian barbecue are the three basic elements of the party. You can invite the friendly locals to sing Mongolian folksongs, because all of them are great singers.

Meanwhile, there are still many other interesting entertainment activities, like surfing in the sea of sand on a cross-country truck, jeep and motorcycle and carting, riding horses and camels, sand surfing, and a campfire dance party. Tonghu Grassland is definitely a fabulous place for you to have fun.