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Jintai Temple

The highest peak of Huangyang Mountain stands within the confines of Doumen County in Zhuhai City. The peak is 583 meters tall and is known as "the first peak along the gateway to the Pearl River". 


The Yexi highway along the coast passes by the foot of the mountain. Looking northward through the bus window, among the greenery of the mountain you can see a striking building in the style of ancient times with orange-colored glass roof tiles. This is the well known Jintai Temple on Huangyang Mountain. 

Jintai Temple is located at the south foot of Huangyang Mountain, where "the general took off his armor". The scenery is graceful here, as it overlooks Yamen seaport and lies at the back of the highest peak of Huangyang Mountain. Green Dragon Mountain extends to the left and White Tiger Mountain grovels to the right. In the front is a sheet of water and on the opposite bank of the mountain is a high projecting rock named "Dengxian Rock", where the legendary cowboy king of Doumen ascended to heaven and become immortal. 

While driving along Huangyang Avenue, strike off into the reservoirs and head straight to the mountain gate, and then ascend the stairs made of more than three hundred stone steps to see the eminent and magnificent Grand Hall of the Great Hero. Here, you will find a glorious statue of Buddha and a comprehensive antique room. 

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