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Sightseeing around Macau

Sightseeing around Macau is one of the most representative tours in Zhuhai. The sightseeing ship sets out from the ferry quay of the Jiuzhou Harbor, the Xiangzhou Harbor or Wanzai. The trip takes one and a half hours, which provides tourists sufficient time to take photos and enjoy the sceneries.

The sightseeing ship pass through the Flying Wing Sea-route, which provides tourists an opportunity to marvel at the majestic appearance of the most advanced flying wing boat in the world. When the ship pass through the Friendship Bridge of Macau, sceneries, such as the Macau Zhongyin Mansion, the Grand Pujing Hotel, the Catholic Church, the Mansion of the Director of Macau, the Monument of Macau's Return to the motherland, etc, are displayed before you.

At the same time, you can have a look at the Macau International Airport and feel as if you had really arrived at Macau personally. Macau is a "sleepless city" with a good reputation at home and abroad. It is surely a best choice for tourists who pay a visit Zhuhai to enjoy watching the colorful and prosperous sceneries of Macau on the slight sea with the landward wind on a misty night.