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Pearl Amusement Park

Pearl Amusement Park is a modern, large-scale, garden-style playground covering an area of over 400,000 square meters. It has advanced play facilities and novel recreational items, and new games are constantly installed. With its unique architectural design, dense woods, prosperous grass and blooming flowers all year round, the amusement park is quite attractive. On both sides of the broad blacktop driveway are more than 30 interesting large, medium and small recreational items ordered by size.

The "roller coaster" rolls continuously on orbit high up in the sky, takes a sudden turn and rolls down rapidly while writhing successively. You will experience a heart-stirring, exciting and thrilling centrifugation. The "high-speed sliding car" rushes on the orbits about a thousand meters into the sky, swoops thirty meters down the high bank as if carrying everything before it and then suddenly circumrotates wildly and rapidly. You feel as if you are falling from beyond the highest heavens and are running wild on the back of a rough ox. A new, large-scale item, the "high-speed windmill" that operates ten meters above the ground, turns up and down, leftward and rightward, and back and forth many times, giving you a sense of terminal weightlessness -- as if there is no ground beneath your feet. The Monster House, another thrill, is completely dark with chilly gusts of wind, hopeless screams, and corpses and ghost faces haunting you randomly, making your hair stand on end and striking fear into the hearts of your enemies. The skyscraping wheels at a height of fifty meters above ground make you feel that (once you have climbed) to the top of Tai Mountain, all other surrounding mountains look small. When you are still immersed in the comfortable "floating" of "the brave advance in torrents", your heart will be in your mouth the moment you drift downstream at a height of ten meters, like water rushing down the high mountains. The "bumper cars" collide with each other until you see stars. The "interplanetary spiders", the "rotary aircraft" and the "forest mouse car", which tosses you up into mid-air, take you to a state of increasing interest and test your willpower as tears fill your eyes from such stimulation. For tourists who fear thrill rides, the following rides can help you calm down: "Mini racing cars", "small trains", "aquatic bicycles", and "small-scale golf course", among others. These rides help you enjoy unbounded joy in its fullness in an atmosphere charged with excitement.

When you are hungry or need a rest, go to the Fast Food Shop, the Chinese Food Restaurant, the Western Food Restaurant or the Italian Pizza Hut under the banyans and inside the pergolas. All of these choices offer tourists rich and varied cuisine and snacks. The mountaintop opera house in the amusement park provides entertainment all year round, and puts on literature and art performances on the large and small outdoor stages during holidays, Saturdays and Sundays. The amusement park takes all general admission tickets. Tickets entitle tourists to use almost all of the recreational items in the amusement park (unlimited use of most recreational items is allowed).

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